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Jun 27, 2018

Khaani: Story of True Love

Khaani starring Feroz Khan and Sana Javed

Pakistani dramas are famous not only in Pakistan but also Indian people love to watch. Last episode next Monday and people are excited about. Khaani is name of leading character of the drama serial. Her real name in drama is Sanam Khan. Mir Hadi kills her brother but later he falls in love with her. He's second leading character but he has become most famous one, not only in drama but in history of Pakistanis drama.

At first viewers hated Hadi for his wrongdoings and misbehaves. But later when he falls in love and his nature changes then audience start loving him. Now its hot topic of social media that what punishment should be given to him. Majority beleieves that he should be set free. Some people think that Mir Hadi and Khaani should be together at the end. That seems so unreal and misfit. Some viewers want him to be hanged for his crimes he did in past.

Mir Shah (Hadi's father) always supported his son for his wrongdoings. His mother never taught moral values to his. She admits and she's sorry for that but its too late. Mir Shah committed suicide. He had lost his position in political world and his reputation as well. Feroz Khan played his role awesomely. In first episodes Khaani (Sanam Khan) was famous but MH took that place so fast by his fabulous performance and beauty of character he has been playing.

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