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Nov 13, 2017

Wind River Movie Review

I was looking for a nice movie to see. Already rejected Atomic Blonde. Then Wind River's rating impressed me. Decided to watch and what I decision it was. Awesome. Higher rating for the film because screenwriter and film director better knew that how to play with human emotions. He did well with that. Many scenes made me so emotional. Several tragic scenes and incidents but at least happy ending. Jeremy Renner, you beauty. Maybe it was character which is so lovable. 

Taylor Sheridan really deserves appreciation and admiration for his professionalism to write and direct such an awesome movie. He also written screenplay of Sicario, entertaining but sad ending story.
Wind River Movie
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Crime and Mystery

IMDb profile of Wind River movie also mentioned drama as genre but I think crime and mystery dominated this thing. Viewers see suspense and thrill throughout the film mostly.I started to watch the film but could not quit until I completed. Family, love, friendship, romance etc all emotions are found richly in the story. Very heart touching script Taylor written. Actors done awesome jobs to make his words lively.

Jeremy Renner

He worked in several blockbusters and super hit films such The Avengers, Thor, The Hurt Locker, Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol etc. Even well enough to play superhero roles. But Wind River movie is a great work done by Jeremy. In few scenes he couldn't do well though.

Elizabeth Olsen 

She acted some very popular and high rating movies such as Old Boy, Godzilla, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War etc and now this one. Incredible talent she has.Very beautiful and talented actress. Well committed to her film work. That's why she earned that much fame and success at young age. Not easy to play such difficult and challenging roles. Especially being FBI agent in a film need real acting skills.I hope and expect that movie lovers would have liked this Winder River review too. In short words to appreciate that film, I can write that you guys can see it again and again without getting bored.


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