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Nov 22, 2017

Rampage Movie Trailer Review

Around five months to release that film which gonna be blockbuster of 2018 without any doubt. Who can deal with monsters better than Dwayne Johnson also known as Rock. Yeah, he is like rock. Here is Rampage movie trailer review just because we can't discuss the film which hasn't been released yet. Some time to wait and I can better understand that how desperately you guys would have been waiting for April 2018 when monsters will be shown on big screen.
Dwayne Johnson Rampage Movie

Rampage Meaning

Before discuss the story, we should talk about meaning of the film name. In short words you can consider it as panic. Yeah, it is expected when two monsters would start destroying a city then people would panic. Large group of people moving from a place in a violent and uncontrollable way. Rush hours. Out of control. Who can control those monsters shown in Rampage film trailer.

Dwayne Johnson

His fearless and brave heart appearance has become essential and necessary in thriller movies like that. WWE monster faces real monsters and he does his best to save the world. The Rundown, Baywatch, San Andreas and now this movie. He is made for that kind of characters who deal with things like that a normal person can't. Rock is ideal for that type of role so they chose him. Now also he has become must part of Fast and Furious series. Another challenging place for him. But it seems he loves challenges.

Rampage vs San Andreas 

Few similarities between two films. One has proved blockbuster and other is expected to be one. Both movies directed by Brad Peyton. same screenwriter who is Carlton Cuse. Both are action adventure. Another huge similarity is that Dwayne Johnson played those rocking and leading roles. In Rampage movie the world deals with monsters and in San Andreas film they deal with earthquake which is monster too. Warnerbros film production made another to be super hit piece. After seeing Rampage movie trailer it would be hard for you guys to wait.


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