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Nov 5, 2017

British Movie Stratton vs Indian Cricket Star Virat Kohli

Yesterday I saw British film Stratton. I think they rated well that movie on IMDb. Stratton is named of leading character in the story. Many things came on my mind while I was seeing the film and when I had finished. Main thing that I wanna share with you guys that if you know famous and popular Indian cricketer Virat Kohli then you would agree with me that Dominic Cooper and Virat look much same, almost twins especially bearded Dominic look same to same. If you've not seen that action thriller movie and also you don't know about Virat Kohli then image linked below can help you to guess. You can Google Kohli.
British Movie Stratton starring Dominic Cooper
First I thought I was watching an American movie but later their film making techniques changed my mind. Especially British accent helped me a lot to guess that whether it is a British movie or Hollywood one. Hollywood is much professional than that and much more capable of making an action thriller. Still Stratton worth watching so not discouraging movie geeks to watch this film but also not enough to get higher rank in action movies.They say that Stratton is a series so maybe readers would have liked reading it and they decided to make a film. But film director couldn't impress much. I don't know what is reason behind that low quality efforts. Low budget can be main thing I believe. Reviewers written that actors are talented and they could have much better film if they would have done utilize them well. I think Dominic Cooper is a better replace for Herny Cavill. Not that negative but still not a good choice for film critics. They raised many flaws which can be pointed easily.

Virat Kohli advertising cricket bat

Available in Blu-ray, DVD on Amazon

Stratton was released on September 1st, 2017 but still you can find your required video quality in affordable price. They have not updated film budget and box office earning on IMDb profile yet so we can't guess that how much movie geeks have liked it or disliked.

Filming Location

They have filmed in beautiful European cities Rome, Southern Italy and London. That is interesting and amusing to see those places on big screen or even on your computer or tv screen.

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