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Nov 27, 2017

Dwayne Johnson Movies 10


Ancient situation telling story. Also interesting for history lovers. Highly liked and appreciated by not only animated movie lovers but all kind of geeks enjoyed it a lot. It was strange for me to know about Dwayne Johnson's presence in genre like animation which also has comedy. Impressive rating by audience and film critics. Stunning performance by all team who made such an awesome piece of art. Four directors and eight screenwriters and here we have a superb animated Moana characters. Auli'i Cravalho played leading role which name of the story too. Still question is that who has voice over Moana Maui character? That person is the Rock. Quite strange casting is for me. Expectations from Disney have been fulfilled.


Dwayne Johnson is perfect actor for playing that kind of roles. They really suit his personality and image he has. Bays are awesome to visit but a situation like what they shown in the story can be very challenging and thrilling for a normal person. I should not write more about because already I have written Baywatch review with details. Bollywood famous actress Priyanka Chopra appeared with a negative role. Disappointing for her fans but actors love to play challenging roles.

The Fate of the Furious (Fast and Furious 8)

Movie geeks search for both name to know about. One of best action thriller of 2017. Many mega Hollywood stars acted together and made this film an awesome one. IMDb box office describes that filmmakers couldn't earn what they invested. But I don't believe so. They made more than their budget according to my personal point of view.


Without any doubt Bret Ratner is a talented director who better knows that how to make a best movie. His selection of Dwayne Johnson as historical character was so right. Horrible Bosses 2 and The Revenant are two hit ones created by Ratner. What a coincidence that Ryan Condal written screenplay of Hercules and also he contributed to Rock's upcoming action thriller Rampage. No other big names on his credit unfortunately. Reviewers considered it as superb entertaining.

Furious 7

Vin Diesel and team have to deal with fast and furious Dwayne Johnson. Thrilling and exciting situation becomes for viewers. Enough they enjoy. None can replace the man and other characters can be replaced or added more. Paul Walker's last appearance. He's no more part of that team but still in hearts. Rest in peace. Also they included action star and martial artistic Jason Statham.

San Andreas

Should be included in list of scary films. Scared, frightened etc are feelings what you get after watching all those heart beating scenes. Disasters make you feel bad to see or imagine. More like Final Destination series. Predictable but still hard to think about. A real adventure to survive through those killing earthquakes. No mage actors or actresses but only leading star is Dwayne Johnson who is part of San Andreas cast.

Fast Five

All Fast and Furious series is super hit so this is too. They released it in 2011. I think first appearance of The Rock was then. The fifth installment really amused action movie lovers. Thrill, adventure, excitement etc all in one place. Beautiful locations of Rio.

The Rundown

One of best Dwayne Johnson movies I believe. Jungle and gangsters. Who can fight them better than The Rock. If film director could replace Sean William Scott with Chris Tuck in The Rundown cast then it could be much better action thriller. Any other casting was helpful but not Sean. 


He played role of Driver. More like The Transporter guy and Baby Driver. But a giant one. The movie was released in 2010 and in 2011 He appeared in Fast Five so maybe Faster gave casting team an idea to pick him for the character. Much suitable to deal with action and crime.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

A film like Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Action and adventure are must genres for Dwayne Johnson films but this one has comedy too. That gonna very amusing and entertaining. Jack Black and Kevin Hart's presence make it more comedic and funny. Jumanji was released many many years ago.

Nov 22, 2017

Rampage Movie Trailer Review

Around five months to release that film which gonna be blockbuster of 2018 without any doubt. Who can deal with monsters better than Dwayne Johnson also known as Rock. Yeah, he is like rock. Here is Rampage movie trailer review just because we can't discuss the film which hasn't been released yet. Some time to wait and I can better understand that how desperately you guys would have been waiting for April 2018 when monsters will be shown on big screen.
Dwayne Johnson Rampage Movie

Rampage Meaning

Before discuss the story, we should talk about meaning of the film name. In short words you can consider it as panic. Yeah, it is expected when two monsters would start destroying a city then people would panic. Large group of people moving from a place in a violent and uncontrollable way. Rush hours. Out of control. Who can control those monsters shown in Rampage film trailer.

Dwayne Johnson

His fearless and brave heart appearance has become essential and necessary in thriller movies like that. WWE monster faces real monsters and he does his best to save the world. The Rundown, Baywatch, San Andreas and now this movie. He is made for that kind of characters who deal with things like that a normal person can't. Rock is ideal for that type of role so they chose him. Now also he has become must part of Fast and Furious series. Another challenging place for him. But it seems he loves challenges.

Rampage vs San Andreas 

Few similarities between two films. One has proved blockbuster and other is expected to be one. Both movies directed by Brad Peyton. same screenwriter who is Carlton Cuse. Both are action adventure. Another huge similarity is that Dwayne Johnson played those rocking and leading roles. In Rampage movie the world deals with monsters and in San Andreas film they deal with earthquake which is monster too. Warnerbros film production made another to be super hit piece. After seeing Rampage movie trailer it would be hard for you guys to wait.

Nov 13, 2017

Wind River Movie Review

I was looking for a nice movie to see. Already rejected Atomic Blonde. Then Wind River's rating impressed me. Decided to watch and what I decision it was. Awesome. Higher rating for the film because screenwriter and film director better knew that how to play with human emotions. He did well with that. Many scenes made me so emotional. Several tragic scenes and incidents but at least happy ending. Jeremy Renner, you beauty. Maybe it was character which is so lovable. 

Nov 5, 2017

British Movie Stratton vs Indian Cricket Star Virat Kohli

Yesterday I saw British film Stratton. I think they rated well that movie on IMDb. Stratton is named of leading character in the story. Many things came on my mind while I was seeing the film and when I had finished. Main thing that I wanna share with you guys that if you know famous and popular Indian cricketer Virat Kohli then you would agree with me that Dominic Cooper and Virat look much same, almost twins especially bearded Dominic look same to same. If you've not seen that action thriller movie and also you don't know about Virat Kohli then image linked below can help you to guess. You can Google Kohli.
British Movie Stratton starring Dominic Cooper
First I thought I was watching an American movie but later their film making techniques changed my mind. Especially British accent helped me a lot to guess that whether it is a British movie or Hollywood one. Hollywood is much professional than that and much more capable of making an action thriller. Still Stratton worth watching so not discouraging movie geeks to watch this film but also not enough to get higher rank in action movies.They say that Stratton is a series so maybe readers would have liked reading it and they decided to make a film. But film director couldn't impress much. I don't know what is reason behind that low quality efforts. Low budget can be main thing I believe. Reviewers written that actors are talented and they could have much better film if they would have done utilize them well. I think Dominic Cooper is a better replace for Herny Cavill. Not that negative but still not a good choice for film critics. They raised many flaws which can be pointed easily.

Virat Kohli advertising cricket bat

Available in Blu-ray, DVD on Amazon

Stratton was released on September 1st, 2017 but still you can find your required video quality in affordable price. They have not updated film budget and box office earning on IMDb profile yet so we can't guess that how much movie geeks have liked it or disliked.

Filming Location

They have filmed in beautiful European cities Rome, Southern Italy and London. That is interesting and amusing to see those places on big screen or even on your computer or tv screen.

Nov 2, 2017

Lion-Movie Based on A True Story

Why they named the movie Lion. Because Saroo was actually Sheru. Thats local word which means lion in English. He was five years who when he lost his family and his town even his state. He didn't know his name correctly so whenever someone asked his name he said "Saroo" but he meant Sheru. Thats so interesting and emotional what happened to little kid and how he made it to back hime home again. Lion is a true story of a poor orphan kid whose mother worked as labor. One day he went with his elder brother to work and got trapped in an empty train which took him thousand miles away from his hometown. He didn't know where he was. Days or maybe weeks of a hard life in streets of Calcutta, India and then he met a nice guy who took him to the local police and they took him to local authority which dealt with misplaced or homeless kids. There an Australian family adopted him and Saroo got a chance to live in a better environment.
Lion Australian Movie

Lion Movie Track

At the end when they play a track that makes you do moves. You want to dance. The movie has all emotions and feelings which can make a drama story more awesome and heart touching. Romance, family, thriller etc genres all in this one movie.


Thanks to Google

No, Google is not involved production of the film or something. But Google earth map helped  a lot Saroo in finding his way back. He went missing in 1987 and then there was no internet, Facebook etc where they could advertise or something like this. But in 2008, Australia has better internet facility and Google has introduced earth map software which made that miracle happen and he could met his mother and sister again .Google should use Lion film for its publicity I think.


In first part of the Lion movie you see rural and urban places of India. Scary and dangerous things happen to tiny boy but he survives. Thrilling and nail biting scenes you see throughout the film. When I finished the movie first thing I did, I went to their official website which they made for a good cause. They help missing kids and try to give them better life and also help them to meet their families again. Everyone liked Sunny Pawar, 5 years old kid who played role of child Saroo. He acted awesomely.


Lovely and awesome landscapes you see. Hobart, Marion Bay, Tasmania and Melbourne. Beautiful locations. Why Saroo wanted to go back? Nothing is like home. Thats why they say home sweet home.Nicole Kidman played role of Australian woman who adopted Saroo.

A Long Way Home

Saroo written the book. Must be best seller I believe. By the way don't you guys think that Saroo looks like Bollywood star Irfan Khan especially their eyes seem almost same. I don't know that how long the book is but I want movie duration longer. You can guess that how much I loved Lion movie. Usually bio genre films don't attract me much. Rarely I like a biographical movie but that one is mind blowing.