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Oct 21, 2017

7 Younger Hollywood Celebrities With Older Wives

Relationship is a natural thing. So there are couples in Hollywood too. Not a strange thing you know. But if you look at couples and their ages then you find many younger Hollywood celebrities with older wives. That is a bit strange and not common practice thing in any society. That's why people notice the difference even it not a bad thing to do. Depends that with whom you're more comfortable to spend your life. Relationship is complicated thing to deal with. There are many couples with huge age difference but here I'm gonna mention just most famous and popular partners.

Hugh Jackman 

known as X-Man and Real Steel guy, he is not a young guy but surely he is much younger than his life partner Deborra-lee Furness who is around 13 years older than him. They look awesome together.I liked his character in Swordfish movie.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton married a really beautiful Hollywood star Demi Moore. She is 16 years older than him.
They made a stunning couple together. But unfortunately they are not together anymore because later Kutcher married another Hollywood gorgeous actress Mila Kunis.

Ryan Gosling

Stunning and dashing Canadian actor married 7 years older Hollywood actress Eva Mendes. Happily married and have kids too. I'm sure that they both don't need an introduction. Ryan also dated Sandra Bullock who is older than him.

Tim Robbins

If you've watched all time blockbuster Hollywood movie The Shawshank Redemption then you must know Tim Robbins who played leading role in the film. Tim's ex Susan Sarandon is 12 years older than him. But they are not together now but in past they were.

Tom Cruise 

Yeah, middle height most attractive Hollywood star Tom Cruise was in relationship with famous singer Sher. She is 16 years older than him. First time I came to know that about his forth relationship which was not with a taller woman but with an older one. Otherwise three of this relationships with women who are taller than him.

Johnny Depp

Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean was boyfriend of Ellend Barkin who was 9 years older than Depp. Honestly I've not watched any Pirates of the Caribbean movie but I've read and heard a lot about Jack Sparrow character and his film.

Zac Efron

Very hot and gorgeous Hollywood star dated Fast and Furious girl Michelle Rodriguez for just two months. She is 9 years older than him. Both are very famous. Zac Efron is famous for 17 Again and Baywatch which I watched recently and very much liked it.

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