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Oct 11, 2017

Top 8 Hollywood Movies of All Time Which I Never Watched

I took time to watch blockbuster and super hit Hollywood movies such as Avatar, The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Forrest Gump etc. Later I regretted that why I didn't watch them earlier. But still it is a long list of highly appreciated films which I have not watched yet. Here I'm gonna list them.

Harry Potter

J.K Rowling wrote an amazing and lovely magic story. All around the world people not only read the story but also watched the movie. But still I have not watched any part of the film. I believe I should but also I think it is too late. I think you guys won't believe me but it is dead serious fact.

The Dark Knight

I loved Batman movie which I watched years ago. Great concept that is. People more loved The Dark Knight but I regret that I have not seen it yet. I'm planning because I shouldn't miss this. 

The Lord of The Rings

We all know about LOTR movies even I know but sorry to say that my eyes have not viewed this super fantasy. Yeah I liked and watched The Hobbit films so whenever I get time I will must watch The Lord of The Rings too.

Pirates of the Caribbean

 Common thing about all mentioned and not watched movies have sequels which are so popular all around the world. Majority of movie geeks have seen those most famous films but they couldn't impress me much. Pirates of the Caribbean is a super hit movie and I've given some time to Dead Men Tell No Tales but couldn't finish it.


DiCaprio's awesome movie. That film got appreciation and admiration from all around the world. But I'm the only one who has not sat in front of computer or tv screen to enjoy this beauty.

The Matrix

 Decades ago they made a very unique and lovely type of sci fi movie who broke the records. I read and heard a lot about the film but again I couldn't view it. Keanu Reeves played his role awesomely and it is a very interesting story for science lovers but not my cup of tea I think. 


Another sci fi movie. Robots in good and devil form. They have made sequels and sequels of the film but no movie could inspire me to spare my time to watch it.I liked Shia in Disturbia which is very nice film. Story of disturbed kid who finds out about a serial killer living in his neighborhood.

Star Wars

I have very short list of sci movies I watched and loved. Star Wars is not one of those. I don't mean that I have not liked the film but still I haven't seen it. You can see that it is a long list of blockbuster Hollywood movies which I have to see and I should. I don't know much about Star Wars movies but still I'm interested in watching them if I could.

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