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Oct 9, 2017

Top 7 Animated Movies of Hollywood

Kids like to watch cartoons. I had same amount interest about when I kid.but still I love to watch nice animated films. Thats why I'm gonna mention few top animated movies of Hollywood film industry ranked by me. My person view that what I think and how I rate mentioned animated films.

Despicable Me

Steve Carrell's voice and Minions made this movie on top of the list according to me. Most of animated movies are full of comedy but this one is special I believe. All three parts of Despicable Me are super awesome. Gru is main character you know and without him this movie is nothing. Also Minions support him well.

Kung Fu Panda

 I watched Po in action after long time but now whenever I get a chance to watch this film, I don't miss it. They play it on tv often. Also this movie has nice comedy and great story. Friendship and family are explained awesomely in the movie.Thats same about Kung Fun Panda that all three Panda movies are full of entertainment. Po looks like my cat Sangha. Thats another reason to love this animated film.

Ice Age

Another addition in top animated movies by Hollywood film industry. Beautiful landscapes, flowing water, greenery etc. Thats what I love about animation which gives variety. Ice Age movies are not entertainment just but also a public message about global warming. An alarming message if people understand and care about it.Again I have to write that all Ice Movies are awesome. I don't know about new one which is released this year because I haven't watched it yet.

A Bug's Life

I think that is first 3D or animated film which I watched on computer screen. Oh my God. I watched the movie again and again but no boredom. Nature, beautiful and fabulous. Thats what you can in A Bug's Life. A very nice animated film.

How To Train Your Dragon

Different but interesting animated movie. Dragon story. It is interesting to watch that how a kid trains a dangerous dragon known as black fury for its furious nature. Many people have pets but dragon as a pet is very fascinating I think.


No strange type of characters but a royal story. A princess kidnapped by a witch and then a thief untangled her. Greenery, jungle, cabin in the woods. Wow. Thats all very nice and lovely.  Animated movie about humans.

The Good Dinosaur

Very nice animated movie but starts with tragedy. I loved the film except its start. I watched it long time so thinking to watch it again because I've forgot the whole story.

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