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Oct 11, 2017

Stream Movies and TV Shows on Amazon Free Month Trial

If you don't have time or money to go cinema to watch a movie or you don't have a Netflix account or you can not afford to buy a DVD from Amazon then Amazon gives another option to watch your favorite Hollywood films and tv shows free for a month. Later you can decide whether it would be good for you or not. Just a one click away, your freedom to enjoy fabulous entertainment in form of movies and tv shows.

I think that is amazing offer by Amazon. So you guys should take advantage of that amazing opportunity to enjoy your spare time with thousands of Hollywood movies and hundreds of TV shows. Unlimited and instant streaming. No ad trouble for viewers.Although first trial month is free of cost but even offer is not so high as it is just 99$ per year which is very low I believe.

I know that 99 USD means almost one hundred US dollars. But as you can see on Amazon website that what price list is for DVDs. They start from few dollars to several dollars just for a movie. But with that subscription you can have unlimited access to your favorite movies and TV show for a year. That's more than enough I think. So do not lose that golden opportunity which is an amazing offer by Amazon.


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