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Oct 14, 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming Pros and Cons

Yes, there are some issues. Many of movie geeks would have noticed and maybe they would have written about it too. I Googled and saw some heading describing Spider-Man: Homecoming pros and cons. Honestly not read them yet but here I'm gonna write my personal point of view. No doubt that Tom Holland acted awesomely and I won't mind him in next part of the film if they consider him.

Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017 vs Spider-Man 2002

Obvious difference I believe. Not only that Tom Holland replaced Tobey Maguire but there are lots of things which differentiate both films. Although I've a complaint to IMDB (International Movies Data Base) that Spider-Man 2002 is a fantasy too but you guys haven't mentioned it in genres. Just action and adventure are written there. First movie is totally fantasy because there can be nothing like that. Never and none observed. Total imagination. I can be wrong but it should be mentioned. So here is huge difference between both movies that one is fantasy and the other is sci fi. In 2002 Spider-Man messed with his best friend's father and in 2017 he encountered with his girlfriend's father. But fortunately it doesn't take long for both to know each other's reality.

Multinational Characters

If you look at Spider-Man: Homecoming cast then you must think that what was in screenwriter or film director or producer's mind that they used multi nationalities in the film but according me that is a publicity stunt to get attention from all around the world and all sorts of people.

Spider-Man's Chinese Looking Friend

Movie gonna have lots of viewers from China or Chinese background. Tricky step. Don't you think? Even he has Filipino background, not Chinese but not easy to guess.

Spider-Man's Black Girlfriend

O man. Tall and hot black girl. Beautiful. She deserved to be Spider-Man's partner. But also it gonna give some benefit to filmmaker. Again huge and vast audience for your movie. 

Iron Man Factor 

Now its a common practice to get multi superheros in a movie because filmmakers think that audience is tired and fed up of the characters who they have watched many times. So need a change. Avengers, Justice League etc are perfect examples. So That's why they brought Iron Man in the story which I haven't liked. Tony Stark saved Spider-Man on many occasions so whats the point to consider him as main character.

Iron Man in India

First they tried to attract Chinese viewers and here they have captured Indian movie lovers. You know that India is a huge country and Indian population is all around the world so if you show Iron Man in India doing local and traditional things, surrounded by local persons then what you expect? Yeah they grabbed mega audience for their movie. You can buy Spider-Man: Homecoming DVD on Amazon.

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