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Oct 1, 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017

I love Spider-man movies. I think all love. Kids to aged ones we all love Spider-man films. Comic is beauty of fantasy and fiction. I loved Spider-man movies with Tobey Maguire but Andrew Garfield wasn't fit for Spider-Man role in The Amazing Spider-Man. That hasn’t inspired me much. He doesn’t fit for that role I think as much as Tobey was. Even new guy Tom Holland isn't suitable for the role but he is not bad either. 

Spider-Man 1, 2, 3

 They are awesome comic movies I ever watched. Very nice and heart touching story.  I think that was an awesome in direction of Sam Raimi who given some really awesome movies like Evil Dead too. Tobey Maguire looked natural Peter Parker, an innocent guy who get supernatural powers. That's how we want in real lives. Nice and kind persons should have power like that. But it doesn't happen. That's why we watch movies and we read stories to feel satisfied that life is not that cruel. A way to escape from harsh and hard realities of our lives. 

Concept of Spider-Man Story

You know that there are always evil powers to counter good ones.That increases beauty of a story. Special people don't live simple lives. Their days and nights are different and tougher than common people. Great responsibilities come with great powers. Thats what you see in all Spider-Man films. Hollywood always given some really nice movies for viewers or you can say that every year or every month we see some amazing Hollywood films on the list to watch. 

Idea of Spider-Man is unique and amazing. That really attracts and inspires to humans to think about such supernatural powers which don't exist actually. But we all want to have them to make our lives easier and better. First Spider-Man movies are written and made professionally but later they tried to cash what had been done in past by professionals. I have not watched The Amazing Spider-Man but I will must watch Spider-Man Homecoming because I feel that it would be better one. Plus point is Robert Downey Jr. playing a powerful role in the film. Iron Man. 

New Trend Also Followed in Spider-Man: Homecoming

It has become common now that they use more than superhero in a film because people have got fed up of watching same thing again and again. Viewers want a change always. Change is good you know. So bringing Robert Downey Jr. in character of Iron Man is a change to Spider-Man movie. I don't think so that people have liked that change. But still I will watch the movie because I smell that it would be better one.

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