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Oct 22, 2017

Minions- Top Animated Comedy Movie of 2015

I was searching for a good movie to watch and I already rejected Suicide Squad and Baby Driver which I loved later but that time I showed no interest for them. Then I found Minions. Without any doubt Minions is top animated comedy movie of 2015.

Most of times comedy and animation are together. They are sister genres, aren't they? That movie brought a very positive change in my mood. I was feeling down but their comedy and funny talks made things different in my room. Those tiny characters can do some huge things to make you feel better. My personal experience is a proof of that. Believe me that none can make Universal Picture's credit that entertaining as much as they made. Fabulous movie that is. But honestly I couldn't understand that rude humor thing. Comparing their movie budget and earning on Box Office can give you a better idea that movie lovers how much liked this animated film.  

Minions animated movie

Most of times we see both genres together and it looks great. But nothing can beat Minions. They are complete package of entertainment. I loved Despicable Me movies and Minions are one of major reasons to love these films. The way Minions talk is so funny. You can understand Gru but their language is hard to guess. Especially in Despicable Me 3, I really enjoyed them. I just saw the trailer and decided to watch it without wasting any moment. No regrets that I made a mistake but have regret that why I took that long to watch this beauty. Minions everywhere in the story. Their jokes even when they are serious still they seem funny and entertaining.

Young Gru

Aw. Minions and Gru are made for each other. They are nothing with each other. Not a full role for him but he is there as young Gru that is amazing and amusing to see. They have not shown Gru in the film trailer because they wanted to focus on Minions only that they could know how much film viewers love them. His character played major role to make me interested in animated movies.Even Gru appears for short time but his presence makes the story more entertaining and interesting.

Sandra Bullock and Michael Keaton with Minions

No, they are not in the film as Minions but they have Gru type of characters. Minions teased Sandra Bullock as much as they could. Very funny. Michael Keaton's is used for Walter Nelson's character. But surely none can replace Gru (Steve Carrell). His funny voice is incredible. Sandra Bullock acted well in romantic comedy The Proposal, so maybe it is the reason they chose her for this film. Little minions teased her a lot. That was fun to see.

Bob, Kevin and Stewart

Three main character of Minions. Leading stars of the film especially Bob is very funny. Kevin is a sober Minion and Stewart plays role of a rock star. Everyone likes him. The story is full of emotions and feelings. Their love for each other and their craziness to find a villain master is basic point. They traveled all around the world including Australia, India etc to reach England. It was so funny to see when they shouted "England" after reaching Australia. Stewart reminds me about Little Stewart. 

Minions in England

First they reached America from where they headed towards England. There interval comes. I think England is a great place to let happen that animated comedy because English are good at doing funny things. Rowan Atkinson also known as Mr. Bean is a great example of that thing. 

Minions' Box Office Earning

That's incredible. They spent a lot to make the movie but they earned more than a lot. So that is a proof that how much movie viewers loved them. Most of films can not reach their financial targets but most of times animated films win this race without any difficulty.That response shows that how much people were looking forward to watch Minions on screen. If you've not watched the movie already then you should because I took two years to see this piece of art and I feel bad. If you don't wanna feel like me then without any hesitation go online or visit a cinema to entertain yourself.

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