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Oct 10, 2017

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Action and adventure together make a movie more view able. Success of Kingsman: The Secret Service motivates movie geeks to take deep interest in recently released second part of the film which is Kingsman: The Golden circle. I've not watched the film yet but did watched and loved the trailer. I have an idea and I can smell that this film gonna rock the box office. I wasn't expecting such a nice action movie from British filmmakers. I always depend on Hollywood but it is fact that British talent is no lesser than Hollywood. Most of famous action heroes working in Hollywood film industry are from UK. Especially martial artist and actor Jason Statham, Scott Adkins etc.There are many reasons to love both movies but here I'm gonna mention few ones just.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Story

 The movie has a really nice story. Not boring or low standard script but a very nice and powerful screenplay. Thats what makes Kingsman: The Golden Circle a real golden movie to watch. There is no doubt in this thing that film director is a professional and he made few really amazing movies in past. X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass, Stardust etc are few of his creative work done in past. Jane Goldman whos screenwriter of the film, has worked with Matthew in past too. understand is a key thing to make an amazing and beautiful film like that. If story is good then even a drama genre can be so exciting for a viewer.

Action in Film

Action film fans are all around the world so every film made professionally is highly loved among movie lovers. Shooter is one of my most favorite action film, not only because action but having a good story is main reason to love the movie. Thats same about Kingsman movie. Not much different or unique idea but still acceptable. Thats decent type of action so even British and American movie lovers love it so much. I don't need to tell that how much Kingsman movies are popular in other countries all around the world. I'm desperately waiting to watch the movie. I believe that the film is worth watching so I am not gonna miss it.


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