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Oct 4, 2017

Bad Boys-Top Hollywood Action Comedy of 90s

Action and comedy together dont inspire me much but Bad Boys is a great example of action and comedy together. I have no hesitation to rate it as one of the Hollywood action comedies in 90s. That is a film which I watched again and again when I was in my village and had plenty of time to invest.

"Bad Boy" Will Smith

He is a legend you know so he always comes with a nice movie. He played his role in Bad Boys very well. Supporting actor was a really funny man too or you can say he increased beauty of the film in regard of comedy. Otherwise Will Smith isnt a funny guy. He acts well without any doubt but you know that being is a different thing. This post in memory of a very nice comedy film which amused me a lot. So if you have watched it before but again you want to see and feel what you did in past then click the link to go to Amazon where you can buy this beauty and enjoy again.

I always say that it is not an easy job to make people laugh and you would agree with me. Thats why we should appreciate people who make movies like that which makes us laugh. A very good story which you can watch again and again but still same taste.

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