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Oct 18, 2017

War for the Planet of the Apes-Top Action Adventue Movie

Never finished a movie in a day for months but when I started to watch last night then couldn't quit even sleep kept waiting for me on my bed. Like previous Apes movies it is a great action drama which is full of adventure. Really thrilling and emotional scenes throughout War for the Planet of the Apes. There is no doubt in this thing that the apes film is one of the top action films of 2017. I think it is an exceptional work done by screenwriter and film director.

Caesar: Leader of the Apes

Leading and very nice character even you don't believe after knowing that the role is played by Andy Serkis. A sober and dashing monkey, he deserves to be leader of those apes. His character proves that not only he's a best choice for his generation but for humankind too. They killed him family but still he acts so sober and decent. He doesn't create trouble for his fellow apes but he asks them to leave him alone in his troubles.

Comedy Fun by Bad Ape

Old and wiser Bad Ape is a great addition to the film who entertained viewers during a serious and full of brutal scenes movie. But his appearance made the it more awesome and entertaining. I really appreciate screenwriter for that new funny character who balanced the story.


War for the Planet of the Apes vs Ice Age

Even both movies are different in many ways such as Ape movie is action adventure and Ice Age is an animated film. But similarity is that in cartoon film few nice animals saved a human kid and in apes movie kind monkeys rescued a girl.

Nova's Character

She's rescued by Caesar and his apes after killing his father. Or not sure that what was her relationship with him.She feels safe with strange apes so this is why she shows her love for them. That is really emotional and sensation part of the film. Her presence is a better change they made to the story. I expect her in next film too if they consider her as good step.

Nature- Filming Location of the Film

Awesome and stunning thing about the movie is that it's filming location is so fabulous and full of natural beauty. Woods, rivers, waterfalls, greenery etc make it very amusing for me.They made that in beautiful forests of British Columbia, Canada. Stunning landscapes they showed.Wrong Turn is one of my most favorite horror film and somewhat reason to like the movie is that it is made in very beautiful environment.Especially raining scene is mind blowing. I didn't want to end the movie.

Waiting for Another Sequel

Sometimes we wait for a movie to end but I wasn't expecting an end for this film. Desperately waiting for another Planet of the Apes action adventure. You never get bored with a story like that. Worth watching. You won't feel that you wasted your time or money after watching such a nice and wise apes on the screen.

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