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Oct 30, 2017

The Bridges of Madison County

Romantic movie The Bridges of Madison County
The movie almost made me cry. I loved watching and also it had been difficult for me to seeing emotional and sensational scenes. First review of The Bridges of Madison County I read, was written by an Italian reviewer. The reviewer admired her for astonishing acting and dashing personality. Lets first talk and discuss about the story which is heart touching. A bit sad or more you can say. Novel based film and I am sure that more people would have read the novel after watching The Bridges of Madison County. A bit ashamed to admit that I always written and said Bridges of the Madison County. I was so wrong about. Today first time I corrected but can't go in past to correct my mistakes. On left side of the article is cover of the DVD which is available on Amazon. If you click that then you go right on the website to make a choice.

Clint Eastwood

Even first review I read appreciated Meryl Streep but I believe He has more contributed to make this movie successful and popular because not only he acted awesomely but also directed the film professionally. A professional photographer comes to Madison County for taking photos of The Bridges built there. Love starts and two love birds meet. Novel, script and then the film couple made an interesting and sensational romantic movie. Eastwood done his job professionally, not only in front of camera but behind the camera too. He is all rounder in film field.

Romantic movie The Bridges of Madison County

Madison County, Illinois? No, Iowa.

Filming location is special for me because it is homeland of my best friend Brandon Wyse. But who knows that they are talking about IL because there are 20 states in America which have counties named Madison. But film review it is mentioned that Francessca (Meryl Streep) husband and kids were far from home to attend a fair in IL. No doubt they chose an awesome place to shoot The Bridges of Madison County. I love that kind of place. Peaceful and quiet. Thats true beauty of countrysides. But also they use those kinds of locations for filming horror and scary films like Jeepers Creepers and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre etc. They are in list of my most favorite horror movies.

The Bridges of Madison County Book

Most of reviewers have no positive remarks about the book. They more admired and appreciated digital version of the story. Majority of them could not read more than few pages. Most of credit goes to film director Clint Eastwood who filmed that way. According to the book story is based in Madison County, Iowa so confusion is on.  Several years ago I saw The Bridges of Madison County but still I remember whole story and most of scene as they are. Just two persons played huge role making that film super hit.


Box Office Earning

Stats show that viewers loved the movie so much. They earned much more than their budget. Money matters you know. None wants to waste its time or money especially second one. Decent income they made with The Bridges of Madison County. They deserved, I believe. I think you can watch that movie in any cinema or theater now but you can buy or rent it on Amazon. Image pasted above can take you to the place where it could be possible to decide whether you purchase or rent it. A family film you can rate it except only one scene. A reviewer written that he went with his whole family including teenager kids who enjoyed the film a lot. If someone has not seen yet then go for it. You won't regret I am sure about this.

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