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Oct 20, 2017

Chris Tucker in The Rundown

Is Chris Tucker is in the film? No, he is not but if he were there, things could be much different. First time I saw Dwayne Johnson also known as The Rock in a movie. If you've not watched him WWE ring then at first sight you consider him a professional actor. Yes, he is. The Rundown is a great action adventure with mixture of some comedy in it. When I watched the film first time, I loved it so much. But today when I saw a clip of The Rundown playing on movie channel then I noticed something wrong or something which needed improvement for the film then before making movie casting. But still it is a nice example of action and comedy together. The Rundown was released in 2003 but still movie geeks can watch and enjoy.

The Rundown movie

 Chris Tucker As Travisin The Rundown

Yeah, his presence could could make the film more entertaining and more comedic. Chris could replace Travis ( Seann William Scott). I believe you guys would be agreed with me that assumption. Things could go much better if film casting team would had thought about a better and suitable actor for the role. Christopher Tucker could play Travis character very nicely I believe. His work is so amazing action comedy film Rush Hour. Just came to know that Rush Hour is expected next year or so.

Not only in The Rundown but also I found some other casting mistakes in Hollywood films. Few weeks ago I wrote a post about some casting betterment for Hitman's Bodyguard and I believe they did something in mentioned film casting. Still The Rundown is full of entertainment and excitement but surely if film director had improved it more then we could have much better movie. Thats how things can go wrong even you do your work professionally. All things should be in order to get expected and better result. Overall The Rundown is super awesome film and you can view it without any hesitation but human error is expected at any place and any time. 

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