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Oct 30, 2017

The Bridges of Madison County

Romantic movie The Bridges of Madison County
The movie almost made me cry. I loved watching and also it had been difficult for me to seeing emotional and sensational scenes. First review of The Bridges of Madison County I read, was written by an Italian reviewer. The reviewer admired her for astonishing acting and dashing personality. Lets first talk and discuss about the story which is heart touching. A bit sad or more you can say. Novel based film and I am sure that more people would have read the novel after watching The Bridges of Madison County. A bit ashamed to admit that I always written and said Bridges of the Madison County. I was so wrong about. Today first time I corrected but can't go in past to correct my mistakes. On left side of the article is cover of the DVD which is available on Amazon. If you click that then you go right on the website to make a choice.

Clint Eastwood

Even first review I read appreciated Meryl Streep but I believe He has more contributed to make this movie successful and popular because not only he acted awesomely but also directed the film professionally. A professional photographer comes to Madison County for taking photos of The Bridges built there. Love starts and two love birds meet. Novel, script and then the film couple made an interesting and sensational romantic movie. Eastwood done his job professionally, not only in front of camera but behind the camera too. He is all rounder in film field.

Romantic movie The Bridges of Madison County

Madison County, Illinois? No, Iowa.

Filming location is special for me because it is homeland of my best friend Brandon Wyse. But who knows that they are talking about IL because there are 20 states in America which have counties named Madison. But film review it is mentioned that Francessca (Meryl Streep) husband and kids were far from home to attend a fair in IL. No doubt they chose an awesome place to shoot The Bridges of Madison County. I love that kind of place. Peaceful and quiet. Thats true beauty of countrysides. But also they use those kinds of locations for filming horror and scary films like Jeepers Creepers and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre etc. They are in list of my most favorite horror movies.

The Bridges of Madison County Book

Most of reviewers have no positive remarks about the book. They more admired and appreciated digital version of the story. Majority of them could not read more than few pages. Most of credit goes to film director Clint Eastwood who filmed that way. According to the book story is based in Madison County, Iowa so confusion is on.  Several years ago I saw The Bridges of Madison County but still I remember whole story and most of scene as they are. Just two persons played huge role making that film super hit.


Box Office Earning

Stats show that viewers loved the movie so much. They earned much more than their budget. Money matters you know. None wants to waste its time or money especially second one. Decent income they made with The Bridges of Madison County. They deserved, I believe. I think you can watch that movie in any cinema or theater now but you can buy or rent it on Amazon. Image pasted above can take you to the place where it could be possible to decide whether you purchase or rent it. A family film you can rate it except only one scene. A reviewer written that he went with his whole family including teenager kids who enjoyed the film a lot. If someone has not seen yet then go for it. You won't regret I am sure about this.

Oct 29, 2017

Suicide Squad

I was not trying to watch this movie for days but at last I got no better choice then I thought maybe Suicide Squad would be a nice one. Many movie geeks liked it and positive reviews can be found everywhere over the internet. It was released in 2016 and its almost end of 2017 and I'm watching this now. Yeah, too late. David Ayer is not only screenwriter but also he directed the film. Fury and Training day are awesome films made by David. Not familiar with other casts except Will Smith. His presence makes it more awesome and entertaining. Deadshot is a cute and catchy name Will Smith's character got. He's a fabulous Hollywood star and he done awesome job in many movies such as Bad Boy, The Pursuit of Happyness, Hitch, I am Legend etc. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is another very entertaining and colorful character and she played her role very nicely.

Action thriller Suicide Sqauad starring Will Smith

 Suicide Squad Movie Quotes

"It feels good to be bad". They used it often and honestly it suits the story.
"It is World War Three". Later you can agree that she was right.
"If this man shoots me, I want you to kill him and I want you to clear my browser history". 
A thriller and exciting scene which also have some comedy if you notice. He asks the cop to delete his browser history that none knows what he searched over the internet. 

Viewer Issues About The Movie

Not a great film and not to consider a bad one. Some people loved Suicide Squad for its uniqueness and some haven't liked it at all. But off course that is not a flop. Comic background helped filmmaker to raise some more audience. Few viewers and critics complain about duration of the movie. They want it more. Some movies have much screen time but it is different about this action fantasy. Also movie geeks have issue about unnecessary use of music. Action scenes are not that stunning or exciting. Villain army couldn't "scare" people well. Considerable amount of comic fans are not happy with what film director tried to make.

The Joker and Katana are useless characters for some critics but I think they make sense. Especially The Joker's role is awesome which makes the story happy ending otherwise it was gonna suck at all. Audience don't want them in next part but Joker has become essential part of the story after helping escape her beloved and most notorious female character. On the other hand one said that if there were no joker then half of audience won't have watched the Suicide Squad movie.

Box Office Earning

As mentioned before, not a flop. Earned more than invested. So even sensible and wise audience criticized and raised some points but still majority loved and watched. They earned double from what they spent to make this beauty. Movie production has luck that even with lost of confusion about choosing villains and heroes, still they earned a lot. Most of people showed no concern about that situation which David created with no reason I think.

Batman Factor

Not necessary but it has become a trend to use several superheros in one movie. Filmmakers are afraid that audience gonna lose interest if they use same idea or concept again and again. I'm not sure that people who have issues with The Joker and Katana, why they haven't said any word about this black mask superhero. He is no need of the story I believe.

Suicide Squad 2

Great news that movie geeks gonna watch sequel of this popular movie.Another exciting news that there will be another character of Black Adam in the film and popular entertainer Dwayne Johnson also know as Rock gonna play the role. No doubt there is always a space for a new character. 

Oct 25, 2017

Brandon vs Baby


Brandon M. Wyse. Best online thing happened to me. He is my best friend and professional screenwriter working in Hollywood film industry. I don't know to introduce him much, he's celebrity so just Google him and you will have all informative data about him.



Baby is leading character in action thriller movie Baby Driver. If you've watched the movie or heard about it then also I don't need to describe Baby more. Honestly that was Baby's face who first stopped me to not watch the movie. I didn't see any hero or leading character looks on his face. But after reading about the film everywhere made me to change my decision.

Family Background Similarity

Brandon's bio is on his website which is easily found in all search engines. He lost his parents at very young age. Same that happened to Baby in Baby Driver movie. 

Almost Same Pastof Brandon and Baby

They have almost same past. Same background. They both got into gang world accidentally and then came out of that trouble because they have kind hearts so God helped them to survive through.     


Both are tall and dashing. When I saw Brandon first time He was young and much handsome then. He looked like Collin Farrel. If you see his old you would agree with me. Both are risk takers. Both are generous and kind.

Music as Common Interest

Brandon is not only a professional screenwriter but also he's also famous for his DJ skills. Baby is not a DJ in the movie But he shows a great interest in music. Always listening songs. Headphones on.

In conclusion, they both have many similarities but still one huge thing which differentiate them that one is real person and other is just a movie character. Having all those moral qualities and skills in real life is not an easy thing to handle. My English is not good enough to describe Brandon's personality more accurately.

Oct 22, 2017

Baby Driver vs The Transporter

I read and heard a lot about so watched Baby Driver trailer and it got huge appreciation from all around the world. That thing motivated me to watch that action crime film. So I did and also got some points which you would have noticed too. I think if I had watch that kind of film few years back then maybe it could be one of my most favorite movies but at this age I find no interest this sort of stories. Overall a good movie that is. Especially Baby name is cute. That’s what I thought about the film first when I skimmed whole of it but my views got changed completely after finishing it. What a movie. Yeah Baby Driver deserves that much appreciation. Once I started to watch then I couldn’t quit until I finished. Same thing I mentioned about War for the Planet of the Apes.


Baby Driver vs The Transporter

In both movies leading role is a car driver who facilitate criminals and also they both have kind hearts and meet beautiful and needy girls in their journeys. So we can say that both films are similar in few ways. Especially first scene is totally a carbon copy of The Transporter except Baby listening music headphones on and there's a girl to look it a hotter scene. Otherwise most of the scene is similar to first film. A difference or change they made is that Jason Statham is a bit old and they took a young guy to play the role. He got stuck in that dirty business where he wasn’t supposed to. Not his fault because it wan not his choice.
 The Transporter guy was drives for criminals with his own will but baby doesn’t. Also you think about Drive movie starring dashing Hollywood star Ryan Gosling

 action thriller movie Baby Driver

Baby Driver IMDb

Not only this one but I've noticed with some other movies info is not correct. Most of times their genres are not mentioned properly. That is disgusting. They mentioned music and not written thriller as movie genre. Maybe it is film team who updates their data on IMDb. They should be careful about.There’s a bit comedy and lightness in the film especially Sam is little but most entertaining character I found in Baby Driver. Isn’t he?

  Resemblance to Fast and Furious

Also you can relate those action movies. Rap music, fast cars and daring drivers are common in both films. That is what most of young age people love to see because they want to do it themselves but not easy thing to do. But their fantasy and dream so it is always amazing your dreams on big screen. Those things happen when one person playing roles screenwriter and film director itself. Not everyone is James Cameron who made


 Generous and Kind Baby 

Romance is there too. Lily James made it romantic with her innocent and beautiful presence. They showed him very kind and sympathetic person. Even he get involved in bank robberies but no killing. When he snatches a car from an old lady, also it seems that he's acting polite. So you can say that Baby Driver movie is not only entertainment but also gives some moral values. I don't mean that you should help robbers but its a story that how he gets in that dirty business but still he tries to make it clean as much as he can. Honestly when I watched the trailer and read about it, I didn't got much impressed or inspired but when I viewed the film then Baby's character clicked my heart. He keeps record of special things by taping them in his ipod.Strange but a unique kind of thing they introduced. 

Box Office Earning

Really impressed by financial achievements of the film. I wasn't expecting that much result but it made it happen. Their budget wasn't that higher but their income is much higher so it means people highly admired and supported Baby's movie. Rarely Hollywood movies earn that much more than their budgets. You know that Hollywood is very competitive film industry so it is not easy to survive for filmmakers. English film director and screenwriter Edgar Wright done awesome job. Not people of all ages gonna enjoy the story but surely young especially teenagers will be so amused and entertained to see this one. So if any of that age is looking for a movie to watch then can be their better choice. Baby Driver review would help you guys to decide. They should go for that without any hesitation. No harm to their time and money. Sentence I loved which was said for Baby that devil behind the wheel.

Minions- Top Animated Comedy Movie of 2015

I was searching for a good movie to watch and I already rejected Suicide Squad and Baby Driver which I loved later but that time I showed no interest for them. Then I found Minions. Without any doubt Minions is top animated comedy movie of 2015.

Most of times comedy and animation are together. They are sister genres, aren't they? That movie brought a very positive change in my mood. I was feeling down but their comedy and funny talks made things different in my room. Those tiny characters can do some huge things to make you feel better. My personal experience is a proof of that. Believe me that none can make Universal Picture's credit that entertaining as much as they made. Fabulous movie that is. But honestly I couldn't understand that rude humor thing. Comparing their movie budget and earning on Box Office can give you a better idea that movie lovers how much liked this animated film.  

Minions animated movie

Most of times we see both genres together and it looks great. But nothing can beat Minions. They are complete package of entertainment. I loved Despicable Me movies and Minions are one of major reasons to love these films. The way Minions talk is so funny. You can understand Gru but their language is hard to guess. Especially in Despicable Me 3, I really enjoyed them. I just saw the trailer and decided to watch it without wasting any moment. No regrets that I made a mistake but have regret that why I took that long to watch this beauty. Minions everywhere in the story. Their jokes even when they are serious still they seem funny and entertaining.

Young Gru

Aw. Minions and Gru are made for each other. They are nothing with each other. Not a full role for him but he is there as young Gru that is amazing and amusing to see. They have not shown Gru in the film trailer because they wanted to focus on Minions only that they could know how much film viewers love them. His character played major role to make me interested in animated movies.Even Gru appears for short time but his presence makes the story more entertaining and interesting.

Sandra Bullock and Michael Keaton with Minions

No, they are not in the film as Minions but they have Gru type of characters. Minions teased Sandra Bullock as much as they could. Very funny. Michael Keaton's is used for Walter Nelson's character. But surely none can replace Gru (Steve Carrell). His funny voice is incredible. Sandra Bullock acted well in romantic comedy The Proposal, so maybe it is the reason they chose her for this film. Little minions teased her a lot. That was fun to see.

Bob, Kevin and Stewart

Three main character of Minions. Leading stars of the film especially Bob is very funny. Kevin is a sober Minion and Stewart plays role of a rock star. Everyone likes him. The story is full of emotions and feelings. Their love for each other and their craziness to find a villain master is basic point. They traveled all around the world including Australia, India etc to reach England. It was so funny to see when they shouted "England" after reaching Australia. Stewart reminds me about Little Stewart. 

Minions in England

First they reached America from where they headed towards England. There interval comes. I think England is a great place to let happen that animated comedy because English are good at doing funny things. Rowan Atkinson also known as Mr. Bean is a great example of that thing. 

Minions' Box Office Earning

That's incredible. They spent a lot to make the movie but they earned more than a lot. So that is a proof that how much movie viewers loved them. Most of films can not reach their financial targets but most of times animated films win this race without any difficulty.That response shows that how much people were looking forward to watch Minions on screen. If you've not watched the movie already then you should because I took two years to see this piece of art and I feel bad. If you don't wanna feel like me then without any hesitation go online or visit a cinema to entertain yourself.

Oct 21, 2017

7 Younger Hollywood Celebrities With Older Wives

Relationship is a natural thing. So there are couples in Hollywood too. Not a strange thing you know. But if you look at couples and their ages then you find many younger Hollywood celebrities with older wives. That is a bit strange and not common practice thing in any society. That's why people notice the difference even it not a bad thing to do. Depends that with whom you're more comfortable to spend your life. Relationship is complicated thing to deal with. There are many couples with huge age difference but here I'm gonna mention just most famous and popular partners.

Hugh Jackman 

known as X-Man and Real Steel guy, he is not a young guy but surely he is much younger than his life partner Deborra-lee Furness who is around 13 years older than him. They look awesome together.I liked his character in Swordfish movie.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton married a really beautiful Hollywood star Demi Moore. She is 16 years older than him.
They made a stunning couple together. But unfortunately they are not together anymore because later Kutcher married another Hollywood gorgeous actress Mila Kunis.

Ryan Gosling

Stunning and dashing Canadian actor married 7 years older Hollywood actress Eva Mendes. Happily married and have kids too. I'm sure that they both don't need an introduction. Ryan also dated Sandra Bullock who is older than him.

Tim Robbins

If you've watched all time blockbuster Hollywood movie The Shawshank Redemption then you must know Tim Robbins who played leading role in the film. Tim's ex Susan Sarandon is 12 years older than him. But they are not together now but in past they were.

Tom Cruise 

Yeah, middle height most attractive Hollywood star Tom Cruise was in relationship with famous singer Sher. She is 16 years older than him. First time I came to know that about his forth relationship which was not with a taller woman but with an older one. Otherwise three of this relationships with women who are taller than him.

Johnny Depp

Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean was boyfriend of Ellend Barkin who was 9 years older than Depp. Honestly I've not watched any Pirates of the Caribbean movie but I've read and heard a lot about Jack Sparrow character and his film.

Zac Efron

Very hot and gorgeous Hollywood star dated Fast and Furious girl Michelle Rodriguez for just two months. She is 9 years older than him. Both are very famous. Zac Efron is famous for 17 Again and Baywatch which I watched recently and very much liked it.

Oct 20, 2017

Chris Tucker in The Rundown

Is Chris Tucker is in the film? No, he is not but if he were there, things could be much different. First time I saw Dwayne Johnson also known as The Rock in a movie. If you've not watched him WWE ring then at first sight you consider him a professional actor. Yes, he is. The Rundown is a great action adventure with mixture of some comedy in it. When I watched the film first time, I loved it so much. But today when I saw a clip of The Rundown playing on movie channel then I noticed something wrong or something which needed improvement for the film then before making movie casting. But still it is a nice example of action and comedy together. The Rundown was released in 2003 but still movie geeks can watch and enjoy.

The Rundown movie

 Chris Tucker As Travisin The Rundown

Yeah, his presence could could make the film more entertaining and more comedic. Chris could replace Travis ( Seann William Scott). I believe you guys would be agreed with me that assumption. Things could go much better if film casting team would had thought about a better and suitable actor for the role. Christopher Tucker could play Travis character very nicely I believe. His work is so amazing action comedy film Rush Hour. Just came to know that Rush Hour is expected next year or so.

Not only in The Rundown but also I found some other casting mistakes in Hollywood films. Few weeks ago I wrote a post about some casting betterment for Hitman's Bodyguard and I believe they did something in mentioned film casting. Still The Rundown is full of entertainment and excitement but surely if film director had improved it more then we could have much better movie. Thats how things can go wrong even you do your work professionally. All things should be in order to get expected and better result. Overall The Rundown is super awesome film and you can view it without any hesitation but human error is expected at any place and any time. 

Oct 18, 2017

War for the Planet of the Apes-Top Action Adventue Movie

Never finished a movie in a day for months but when I started to watch last night then couldn't quit even sleep kept waiting for me on my bed. Like previous Apes movies it is a great action drama which is full of adventure. Really thrilling and emotional scenes throughout War for the Planet of the Apes. There is no doubt in this thing that the apes film is one of the top action films of 2017. I think it is an exceptional work done by screenwriter and film director.

Caesar: Leader of the Apes

Leading and very nice character even you don't believe after knowing that the role is played by Andy Serkis. A sober and dashing monkey, he deserves to be leader of those apes. His character proves that not only he's a best choice for his generation but for humankind too. They killed him family but still he acts so sober and decent. He doesn't create trouble for his fellow apes but he asks them to leave him alone in his troubles.

Comedy Fun by Bad Ape

Old and wiser Bad Ape is a great addition to the film who entertained viewers during a serious and full of brutal scenes movie. But his appearance made the it more awesome and entertaining. I really appreciate screenwriter for that new funny character who balanced the story.


War for the Planet of the Apes vs Ice Age

Even both movies are different in many ways such as Ape movie is action adventure and Ice Age is an animated film. But similarity is that in cartoon film few nice animals saved a human kid and in apes movie kind monkeys rescued a girl.

Nova's Character

She's rescued by Caesar and his apes after killing his father. Or not sure that what was her relationship with him.She feels safe with strange apes so this is why she shows her love for them. That is really emotional and sensation part of the film. Her presence is a better change they made to the story. I expect her in next film too if they consider her as good step.

Nature- Filming Location of the Film

Awesome and stunning thing about the movie is that it's filming location is so fabulous and full of natural beauty. Woods, rivers, waterfalls, greenery etc make it very amusing for me.They made that in beautiful forests of British Columbia, Canada. Stunning landscapes they showed.Wrong Turn is one of my most favorite horror film and somewhat reason to like the movie is that it is made in very beautiful environment.Especially raining scene is mind blowing. I didn't want to end the movie.

Waiting for Another Sequel

Sometimes we wait for a movie to end but I wasn't expecting an end for this film. Desperately waiting for another Planet of the Apes action adventure. You never get bored with a story like that. Worth watching. You won't feel that you wasted your time or money after watching such a nice and wise apes on the screen.

Oct 16, 2017

A Street Cat Named Bob-Best True Pet Movie

When I heard about the film, got so curious to watch it. It took long to find this beauty. After watching I had no hesitation to consider A Street Cat Named Bob as one of the best true pet movie I ever watched. Must watch movie I am sure to write it. Keep your tissue close because your eyes can pour some salty and vital water through them.

A Street Cat Named Bob A Street Cat Named Bob is has connection to A Street Car Named Desire. That is a drama movie made in 1951. A user review well describes beauty of the film. David wrote "I dare you to leave the theater unhappy after watching this awesome movie". He wrote The Gem instead of the movie which I added or edited you can say.

True Story Film Based on Bestseller

I hardly like a movie which bases on a true story or event. You know that reality is much different than fiction. Not ends in positive ways most of times. That's what I hate about. But A street Cat Named Bob has a happy and positive ending. Movies like that not only save your time but money too. There are many films which we like but special thing about this one is that it is a not a fiction but real one. Hard to believe truth.James is writer of the novel and James is main character of the story too. Isn't that a nice coincidence? You know why that is best seller? That is because not only book lovers but every cat lover would have read the story and also would have watched the movie.

Inspirational Movie

Not only me but others too, try to find some inspiration from a story or film. That is a plus point to an entertainment thing I believe. James couldn't survive through his addiction thing if he didn't have Bob. That wasn't just a street cat who came in his life but a miracle who saved him. That saved a human life. That saved a family.

A Street Cat Named Bob filmed in London, England

Raining, clouds, quite and unique type of streets. Yes, that is London. Heart of United Kingdom. I love that kind of weather even British people don't. Maybe they are fed up of cold and long winter and we are tired of warm and long summer. Those scenes and pretty locations helped me a lot to part of that true story.

Few Emotional Scenes in The Film

When James comes home and Bob is not there. I can feel his pain. It happens to me. Maybe most of you guys can better understand feeling to not have your favorite pet who is like your beloved kid. For me James is worthier and more special than James Bond because of his kind and generous nature. Being nice is not an easy thing to do. You deal with many hardships and challenges that way. Another emotion scene in A Street Cat Named Bob is when James tries to meet his father but things go wrong. Being far away from your family is toughest part of life. Not easy to handle that.

Bob vs Eddie

You know Bob well so no introduction needed but I should write that who Eddie was. He was my one of my best friends Brandon M. Wyse's cat. RIP. Brandon was so down when he lost Eddie. I can understand. If you can feel emotions between James and Bob then surely you can know what depth was between Brandon and Eddie. Eddie would be up there in heaven must be looking at his best friend.

A Street Cat Named Bob worth watching 

In conclusion, I'm not hesitant to write that the movie worth watching. So you shouldn't delay any moment if you thinking to watch a movie and have no choice. Make it your selection. No regrets viewers will have. That's sure.Just came to know that

Oct 14, 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming Pros and Cons

Yes, there are some issues. Many of movie geeks would have noticed and maybe they would have written about it too. I Googled and saw some heading describing Spider-Man: Homecoming pros and cons. Honestly not read them yet but here I'm gonna write my personal point of view. No doubt that Tom Holland acted awesomely and I won't mind him in next part of the film if they consider him.

Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017 vs Spider-Man 2002

Obvious difference I believe. Not only that Tom Holland replaced Tobey Maguire but there are lots of things which differentiate both films. Although I've a complaint to IMDB (International Movies Data Base) that Spider-Man 2002 is a fantasy too but you guys haven't mentioned it in genres. Just action and adventure are written there. First movie is totally fantasy because there can be nothing like that. Never and none observed. Total imagination. I can be wrong but it should be mentioned. So here is huge difference between both movies that one is fantasy and the other is sci fi. In 2002 Spider-Man messed with his best friend's father and in 2017 he encountered with his girlfriend's father. But fortunately it doesn't take long for both to know each other's reality.

Multinational Characters

If you look at Spider-Man: Homecoming cast then you must think that what was in screenwriter or film director or producer's mind that they used multi nationalities in the film but according me that is a publicity stunt to get attention from all around the world and all sorts of people.

Spider-Man's Chinese Looking Friend

Movie gonna have lots of viewers from China or Chinese background. Tricky step. Don't you think? Even he has Filipino background, not Chinese but not easy to guess.

Spider-Man's Black Girlfriend

O man. Tall and hot black girl. Beautiful. She deserved to be Spider-Man's partner. But also it gonna give some benefit to filmmaker. Again huge and vast audience for your movie. 

Iron Man Factor 

Now its a common practice to get multi superheros in a movie because filmmakers think that audience is tired and fed up of the characters who they have watched many times. So need a change. Avengers, Justice League etc are perfect examples. So That's why they brought Iron Man in the story which I haven't liked. Tony Stark saved Spider-Man on many occasions so whats the point to consider him as main character.

Iron Man in India

First they tried to attract Chinese viewers and here they have captured Indian movie lovers. You know that India is a huge country and Indian population is all around the world so if you show Iron Man in India doing local and traditional things, surrounded by local persons then what you expect? Yeah they grabbed mega audience for their movie. You can buy Spider-Man: Homecoming DVD on Amazon.

Oct 12, 2017

7 Short Height Hollywood Actors

People wanna know everything about their favorite film celebrities. Not strange I think. I have discussed Tom Cruise height and his exes' heights in earlier post. You guys can criticize and consider it as unnecessary issue or topic to write about but according to myself discussing Hollywood actors' heights would be interesting and hot discussion. Nearly all movies lovers know that how tall Tom Cruise is. Things about famous personalities go viral so fast.

Tom Cruise Height

5'7" not tall. Dashing, handsome, stylish. Enough stuffs. Known and popular celebrity of Hollywood film industry.

Mark Wahlberg

5'8" Movie star of my most favorite action thriller Shooter. He worked in many action films and in some comedy ones too such as Ted etc.

Sylvester Stallone

 Also known as Rambo, Rocky. Blockbuster movies: Rocky, Rambo, The Expendables.
5'9" or 5'10".


Daniel Radcliff

5'5". Harry Potter star. Kill Your Darling, Swiss Army Man.


Zac Efron Height

5'8". Acted in Baywatch, 17 Again, The Lucky One, That Awkward Moment. Very Beautiful, attractive, hot.


James McAvoy 

5'7".English actor. Super hit films: Wanted, X-Men, Split, Atomic Blonde.

Oct 11, 2017

Top 8 Hollywood Movies of All Time Which I Never Watched

I took time to watch blockbuster and super hit Hollywood movies such as Avatar, The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Forrest Gump etc. Later I regretted that why I didn't watch them earlier. But still it is a long list of highly appreciated films which I have not watched yet. Here I'm gonna list them.

Harry Potter

J.K Rowling wrote an amazing and lovely magic story. All around the world people not only read the story but also watched the movie. But still I have not watched any part of the film. I believe I should but also I think it is too late. I think you guys won't believe me but it is dead serious fact.

The Dark Knight

I loved Batman movie which I watched years ago. Great concept that is. People more loved The Dark Knight but I regret that I have not seen it yet. I'm planning because I shouldn't miss this. 

The Lord of The Rings

We all know about LOTR movies even I know but sorry to say that my eyes have not viewed this super fantasy. Yeah I liked and watched The Hobbit films so whenever I get time I will must watch The Lord of The Rings too.

Pirates of the Caribbean

 Common thing about all mentioned and not watched movies have sequels which are so popular all around the world. Majority of movie geeks have seen those most famous films but they couldn't impress me much. Pirates of the Caribbean is a super hit movie and I've given some time to Dead Men Tell No Tales but couldn't finish it.


DiCaprio's awesome movie. That film got appreciation and admiration from all around the world. But I'm the only one who has not sat in front of computer or tv screen to enjoy this beauty.

The Matrix

 Decades ago they made a very unique and lovely type of sci fi movie who broke the records. I read and heard a lot about the film but again I couldn't view it. Keanu Reeves played his role awesomely and it is a very interesting story for science lovers but not my cup of tea I think. 


Another sci fi movie. Robots in good and devil form. They have made sequels and sequels of the film but no movie could inspire me to spare my time to watch it.I liked Shia in Disturbia which is very nice film. Story of disturbed kid who finds out about a serial killer living in his neighborhood.

Star Wars

I have very short list of sci movies I watched and loved. Star Wars is not one of those. I don't mean that I have not liked the film but still I haven't seen it. You can see that it is a long list of blockbuster Hollywood movies which I have to see and I should. I don't know much about Star Wars movies but still I'm interested in watching them if I could.

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I know that 99 USD means almost one hundred US dollars. But as you can see on Amazon website that what price list is for DVDs. They start from few dollars to several dollars just for a movie. But with that subscription you can have unlimited access to your favorite movies and TV show for a year. That's more than enough I think. So do not lose that golden opportunity which is an amazing offer by Amazon.

3 Best Ways to Watch A Movie

Everything should be done properly. Watching a movie is not a casual thing to do. As food is important and must for a living body. Same like that we should find best ways to watch a movie because films are like food for our souls. Here I am going to write three most suitable ways which you should choose when you decide to watch a movie. Entertainment is a must thing for humans you know. We all have different kinds of hobbies and interests to do in our spare time. There is no doubt in this thing that watching films is one of most highly popular thing by done people in their free time. But also it has to find that how to watch a movie and which way would best for this purpose. Everyone has its own likes and dislikes. We have a few options and we can choose from them which is best for us.

Buy A DVD From Amazon

You know that Amazon is one of the best place to shop online. They have all kind of stuffs including high quality and original movies DVDs. Easiest and simplest way to have your favorite film at your home to watch. I believe that home is a best place to watch a movie. So buy a DVD from Amazon and watch it home is a best to watch a movie for me. Through that way you have more freedom and space than visiting a theater to watch a film.

Watch A Movie Online On Netflix

 Another online way to secure your vital and money. Many people prefer that they have paid accounts on Netflix to watch films and videos. I rate it as second best way to watch a movie. Even I will not consider it for myself but still it is a better one as majority likes it. Many of my online friends use Netflix and reason can be that maybe they like streaming on their computer screen. No stuffs like DVDs in their house so they can have more free space. Otherwise I don't another reason for that.

Find A Theater or Cinema

An old way to visit a cinema or theater but still highly liked by people all around the world. Individuals, couples and families love to watch a movie in a cinema. I think that is romantic way to watch. That is a gathering thing. Many friends can have a plan to watch movie together at theater. Especially when you don't crowd at your place then going to cinema can be best choice. That is very nice choice for people who love outgoing activities.

Oct 10, 2017

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Action and adventure together make a movie more view able. Success of Kingsman: The Secret Service motivates movie geeks to take deep interest in recently released second part of the film which is Kingsman: The Golden circle. I've not watched the film yet but did watched and loved the trailer. I have an idea and I can smell that this film gonna rock the box office. I wasn't expecting such a nice action movie from British filmmakers. I always depend on Hollywood but it is fact that British talent is no lesser than Hollywood. Most of famous action heroes working in Hollywood film industry are from UK. Especially martial artist and actor Jason Statham, Scott Adkins etc.There are many reasons to love both movies but here I'm gonna mention few ones just.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Story

 The movie has a really nice story. Not boring or low standard script but a very nice and powerful screenplay. Thats what makes Kingsman: The Golden Circle a real golden movie to watch. There is no doubt in this thing that film director is a professional and he made few really amazing movies in past. X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass, Stardust etc are few of his creative work done in past. Jane Goldman whos screenwriter of the film, has worked with Matthew in past too. understand is a key thing to make an amazing and beautiful film like that. If story is good then even a drama genre can be so exciting for a viewer.

Action in Film

Action film fans are all around the world so every film made professionally is highly loved among movie lovers. Shooter is one of my most favorite action film, not only because action but having a good story is main reason to love the movie. Thats same about Kingsman movie. Not much different or unique idea but still acceptable. Thats decent type of action so even British and American movie lovers love it so much. I don't need to tell that how much Kingsman movies are popular in other countries all around the world. I'm desperately waiting to watch the movie. I believe that the film is worth watching so I am not gonna miss it.

Oct 9, 2017

Top 7 Animated Movies of Hollywood

Kids like to watch cartoons. I had same amount interest about when I kid.but still I love to watch nice animated films. Thats why I'm gonna mention few top animated movies of Hollywood film industry ranked by me. My person view that what I think and how I rate mentioned animated films.

Despicable Me

Steve Carrell's voice and Minions made this movie on top of the list according to me. Most of animated movies are full of comedy but this one is special I believe. All three parts of Despicable Me are super awesome. Gru is main character you know and without him this movie is nothing. Also Minions support him well.

Kung Fu Panda

 I watched Po in action after long time but now whenever I get a chance to watch this film, I don't miss it. They play it on tv often. Also this movie has nice comedy and great story. Friendship and family are explained awesomely in the movie.Thats same about Kung Fun Panda that all three Panda movies are full of entertainment. Po looks like my cat Sangha. Thats another reason to love this animated film.

Ice Age

Another addition in top animated movies by Hollywood film industry. Beautiful landscapes, flowing water, greenery etc. Thats what I love about animation which gives variety. Ice Age movies are not entertainment just but also a public message about global warming. An alarming message if people understand and care about it.Again I have to write that all Ice Movies are awesome. I don't know about new one which is released this year because I haven't watched it yet.

A Bug's Life

I think that is first 3D or animated film which I watched on computer screen. Oh my God. I watched the movie again and again but no boredom. Nature, beautiful and fabulous. Thats what you can in A Bug's Life. A very nice animated film.

How To Train Your Dragon

Different but interesting animated movie. Dragon story. It is interesting to watch that how a kid trains a dangerous dragon known as black fury for its furious nature. Many people have pets but dragon as a pet is very fascinating I think.


No strange type of characters but a royal story. A princess kidnapped by a witch and then a thief untangled her. Greenery, jungle, cabin in the woods. Wow. Thats all very nice and lovely.  Animated movie about humans.

The Good Dinosaur

Very nice animated movie but starts with tragedy. I loved the film except its start. I watched it long time so thinking to watch it again because I've forgot the whole story.

Oct 7, 2017

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Really? Beasts can be fantastic? Strange but yeah they in this film. Past few days were so tiring so I needed a break and some rest. Movies help with that a lot. Thats why last night I decided to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. That's called fantasy. J.K Rowling's genre. Honestly I never watched Harry Potter which is also written by J.K Rowling. She is an amazing writer you know. I thought that the movie is made by Hollywood professionals but just came to know that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a British movie including Irish actor Collin Farrell. I thought British comedy is better than Hollywood but also they are good with fantasy genre. That movie really amused. Things they shown in the story were what I needed then. Not only entertainment but a good message too. Many things to learn such as kindness, generousness, sympathy etc. The film promotes all those positive things which is good for kids to learn things like that. I believe that type of movies help kids to learn about moral values because they idealize movie characters.


 If you rate this movie in term of fantasy thing then you can give more and more appreciation. But still I believe a Hollywood team could do better. The story is super awesome. Unique idea. A better one like Avatar but it couldn't be presented as much as it could be. 

Comedy in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

 Dan Fogler, American guy is a reason to find comedy in a movie where they find beasts only. Don't you guys observed that? I do. I wrote in previous posts that bringing smile on faces is toughest job to do so if someone does then it deserves appreciation. I didn't expect that from J.K Rowling to write that funny character. Dan gives funny looks and this thing made this film more attractive and entertaining.


 There is romance too in the film but more I found are emotions and feelings. Last scene is so sensational when magic police tells Newt and magic girls that you have an outsider. Friendship, family etc are form of relationships which you see in the story again and again. Best thing about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is its happy ending and I love it you know. We all want to smile and get happiness from things if they don't then how we can like them. Finding happiness is harder than finding fantastic beasts.

Oct 4, 2017

Baywatch-Dwayne Johnson and Priyanka Chopra

A nice movie I think. Great story. Dwayne Johnson also known as Rock seems a very nice and devoted lifeguard. Zac Efron is a handsome guy who acts well too. Baywatch is an entertainment as well as a message to be professional and sincere to your society. I love movies with some public message. They help to prmote moral values in the society. A positive thing that is. Priyanka Chopra is a Bollywood actress who played her negative role awesomely. Even that doesn't suit her. Now many Bollywood stars are working in Hollywood film industry.

Beach As Filming Location

Women can get jealous a bit because of model bodies they showed in the film. The entire movie is made on the beach so this is why it’s named Baywatch. That is funny and entertaining.Action thriller movie fans should watch Baywatch without wasting any time. I'm hesitant to say that its a great inspiration story which I watched in months. I believe that watching a film helps a lot when you feel down especially when its a movie like Baywatch. Professional screenwriter and film director worked awesomely to make it awesome that movie lovers could enjoy it more and more.

Comedy, romance and action. Thats all you can have in Baywatch. Rock is there to handle action and thrill in the film. Who can deal with romance better than handsome Zac Efron. Nudity can tease some movie geeks and none can see Baywatch with family I think. Otherwise a very nice movie according to my personal point of view.  I just read a negative review about the movie. That is not fair I think. Still reviewers should show some respect for work they done nicely. Story, direction and acting etc all good. Yeah, not best but all is well.

Baywatch Trailer and Reviews

Some movies get vast audience just because of their well made and nice presented trailer. That's what you can about discussed one. Viewers more liked the trailer than actual film. But I don't follow that debate. Positive remarks by me. Just one review for Baywatch movie on IMDb profile. Really? But there are almost 300 external reviews so I should explore them to get better knowledge about what I might missed. 

Bad Boys-Top Hollywood Action Comedy of 90s

Action and comedy together dont inspire me much but Bad Boys is a great example of action and comedy together. I have no hesitation to rate it as one of the Hollywood action comedies in 90s. That is a film which I watched again and again when I was in my village and had plenty of time to invest.

"Bad Boy" Will Smith

He is a legend you know so he always comes with a nice movie. He played his role in Bad Boys very well. Supporting actor was a really funny man too or you can say he increased beauty of the film in regard of comedy. Otherwise Will Smith isnt a funny guy. He acts well without any doubt but you know that being is a different thing. This post in memory of a very nice comedy film which amused me a lot. So if you have watched it before but again you want to see and feel what you did in past then click the link to go to Amazon where you can buy this beauty and enjoy again.

I always say that it is not an easy job to make people laugh and you would agree with me. Thats why we should appreciate people who make movies like that which makes us laugh. A very good story which you can watch again and again but still same taste.

Top 2 Comedy Actors and Their Funny Movies

Trust me its easy to make people cry but making them laugh is a hard task to do. I used to watch movies a lot and most of them were from Hollywood but films which made me laugh were from Bollywood and Lollywood mostly. Here I'm gonna mention top comedy actors from western movies world and their movies which I loved most. Steve Carell and Roawn Atkinson also known as Bean are best funny actors who can make laugh viewers easily.

Despicable Me 3

You must be wondered that where is Steve Carell or Bean in that movie. Steve is not but his voice is there and believe me that he has got superb talent to amuse his listeners with his voice only. Few days ago I watched Despicable Me 3 and now I wanna watch it again to feel better. That film is which you can view again and again.

Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson)

Here we have Rowan Atkinson also known as Bean. As Steve Carell can make people laugh with his voice just without showing any movie. Rowan Atkinson has got great ability to make people laugh without speaking any word, with his moves just. Thats why I mentioned both actors here because both are my most favorite comedy stars with totally different qualities. One has funny voice and other has funny moves. 

Oct 1, 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017

I love Spider-man movies. I think all love. Kids to aged ones we all love Spider-man films. Comic is beauty of fantasy and fiction. I loved Spider-man movies with Tobey Maguire but Andrew Garfield wasn't fit for Spider-Man role in The Amazing Spider-Man. That hasn’t inspired me much. He doesn’t fit for that role I think as much as Tobey was. Even new guy Tom Holland isn't suitable for the role but he is not bad either. 

Spider-Man 1, 2, 3

 They are awesome comic movies I ever watched. Very nice and heart touching story.  I think that was an awesome in direction of Sam Raimi who given some really awesome movies like Evil Dead too. Tobey Maguire looked natural Peter Parker, an innocent guy who get supernatural powers. That's how we want in real lives. Nice and kind persons should have power like that. But it doesn't happen. That's why we watch movies and we read stories to feel satisfied that life is not that cruel. A way to escape from harsh and hard realities of our lives. 

Concept of Spider-Man Story

You know that there are always evil powers to counter good ones.That increases beauty of a story. Special people don't live simple lives. Their days and nights are different and tougher than common people. Great responsibilities come with great powers. Thats what you see in all Spider-Man films. Hollywood always given some really nice movies for viewers or you can say that every year or every month we see some amazing Hollywood films on the list to watch. 

Idea of Spider-Man is unique and amazing. That really attracts and inspires to humans to think about such supernatural powers which don't exist actually. But we all want to have them to make our lives easier and better. First Spider-Man movies are written and made professionally but later they tried to cash what had been done in past by professionals. I have not watched The Amazing Spider-Man but I will must watch Spider-Man Homecoming because I feel that it would be better one. Plus point is Robert Downey Jr. playing a powerful role in the film. Iron Man. 

New Trend Also Followed in Spider-Man: Homecoming

It has become common now that they use more than superhero in a film because people have got fed up of watching same thing again and again. Viewers want a change always. Change is good you know. So bringing Robert Downey Jr. in character of Iron Man is a change to Spider-Man movie. I don't think so that people have liked that change. But still I will watch the movie because I smell that it would be better one.