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Sep 27, 2017

Top 6 Romantic Comedy Movies of Hollywood

It can be easy to make people cry but its never easy to make people laugh. I think that giving happiness and smile to others is toughest job to do. Comedy films help us to feel joy. They do help a lot. Here I’m gonna mention few of top comedy movies of the movie.


Will Smith and that funny fat guy acted very well in that film. Story is very nice. Bollywood made a remake of Hitch which is named Partner starring Salman Khan and Govinda. In that film you see romance and comedy together. That is not easy thing to produce. Full credit goes to writers, director and actors who done their work awesomely.

She’s The Man 

Amazing and a bit different type of romantic comedy that is. Channing Tatum played male leading role in  film. Amanda played double role awesomely. She looks a cute guy. That is a movie like which you can watch again and again without getting bored. 

Monster in Law

 Jennifer Lopez played role of a daughter in law. Thats an amazing film which is full of comedy and romance. Her mother in law becomes monster in law for her. But later she realizes that after all she is a daughter in law herself. There is no concept of mother in law in west that way but it is a common thing in sub continent especially in India and Pakistan but things are changing now.

The Proposal

 That's real Ryan Reynolds. I don't think so he fits in a role like DeadPool or Hitman's Bodyguard. But he better looked Sandra Bullock's innocent and dashing guy. A very nice love story. They don't have any idea that someday they gonna fall for each other. I believe Ryan Reynolds is made for romantic comedies and this is why he is in Hollywood film industry.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

 So here it is another romantic comedy movie of Hollywood. Ryan Gosling, a dashing Canadian for romance and we've Steve Carl for comedy. Comedy and romance together. Thats Crazy, Stupid, Love. Steve's voice is so amazing. If I could change my voice, I would have love to have his accent I'm sure.

As Good As It Gets

 If you really wanna laugh with nice and decent comedy mixed with mature romance then who can better than Jack Nicholson. You know hes very talented. A very nice romantic story that is. Awesome example of a romantic comedy.

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