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Sep 28, 2017

Top 5 Drama Movies of Hollywood

There are many drama movies made in Hollywood film industry which I loved most so it is really hard to make a list and an order. I love all genres but drama is one of few which I don't like much. But still I've a long list to mention my favorite drama films because I'm a huge movie geek.

The Shawshank Redemption

 One of my most favorite Hollywood movie ever. I believe that it is a movie which you watch again and again but you never get bored. Morgan Freeman at his best. I was recommended to watch The Shawshank Redemption many times but always I avoided it as I didn't its trailer. But later I regretted that why I didn't watch this movie before.

Forrest Gump

 Tom Hanks is best for movies like that. He loves challenges so he did a superb job in this movie which is known as Forrest Gump. Whenever I searched the keywords "top Hollywood movies", I found this movie in the list but I took time to pick this one too.

The Green Mile

 Another amazing acting work done by Tom Hanks. I think it is really hard to keep viewers struck in front of the screen with a drama but surely he can do that. Fantasy genre a bit helped to increase beauty of the story but still we cannot avoid awesome acting done by all actors especially Tom Hanks.

American History X

 Brad Pitt and Edward Norton together to present such a nice Hollywood drama movie. That film is about a very sensitive topic of American society. They showed it in an awesome way that is easy to understand even for a common person.

The Terminal

  In my most favorite drama movies of Hollywood The Terminal is third one starring Tom Hanks. Again a very challenging role but he done it superbly. None could do that easily. A very nice, simple but heart touch story that is.


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