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Sep 20, 2017

Tom Hanks in The Terminal

I'm not talking that Tom Hanks got stuck in a terminal but I want to talk about his movie The Terminal. I suggested about that film by my interviewer. He asked to write about any topic and I wrote about my most recent movie I watched and liked. That was The Green Mile starring Tom Hanks. Then that man suggested me to watch that movie too. Very nice recommendation, worth watching.

The Terminal True Story or Not?

I downloaded that movie very soon but it took long to watch it. I loved that film. I think everyone should watch to learn things about life. We all get situations and The Terminal tells that how to deal with them. I always say that for me movies are a way to escape from bitter realities of life. Victor and Amelia give a romantic touch to that drama movie and here you meet another complicated woman. Sorry women.,no offense.

That kind of movies are so inspirational and motivational. Personally I feel that about that kind of films. Professionally made and with a good story. You know that entertainment is in human nature so we have different types of interests including movies and music.Both have great impact on my soul when I feel down. That's same about other people. Also credit goes to The Terminal cast who done their work very well. Drama isn't my genre except its made professionally with great piece of story.

Tom Hank as Viktor Navorski

He played his role awesomely like he did in other movies such as Green Mile, Cast Away, Forrest Gump etc. After seeing The Terminal you start thinking and searching that where is Krakozhia. They are few of my most favorite Hollywood movies I ever seen. I believe none could handle the role or character as much as Hanks could. If you've seen Bollywood famous and popular star Amir Khan then you would agree with me that Hanks and Khan look same in many ways. Not physically but the way they work in their film industries that is also same. Both give super hit and blockbuster movies. They love to play different roles.In conclusion of the review, I would love to add that not only me but you guys too, would want The Terminal 2 on big screen. Huge appreciation and admiration for the drama.

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