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Sep 21, 2017

The Hitman's Bodyguard

I always avoid to watch that movie because I thought it would be funny and honestly comedy with action doesnt make a sense to me. Except I loved Bad Boys and Rush Hour etc. But mostly I dislike that combination. But its a fact that I liked The Hitman's Bodyguard even I've disliked Ryan Reynolds and Samuel Jackson in their roles. Honestly they dont suit to them. Thats same about Ryan Reynolds in action thriller DeadPool. Still I would say that I liked DeadPool but I think someone else could do better with that character

Hollywood action movie The Hitman's Bodyguard

He is a The Proposal guy. Have you watched that movie with Sandra Bullock. Hes an a guy with innocent looks so those kind of roles dont suit him I think.Samuel Jackson is a decent of actor and I think using him for that kind of role isnt fair with him. That damages his sober reputation and image. Even he played a bit negative role in Kong: Skull Island movie but still not that bad. I don't know it could be casting fault or what or other people noticed it or not but I did so this is why I mentioned it here. Good movies are like good food and its same about bad ones. As bad food ruins your health and money, same like this a bad movie wastes your time and money.Ryan Reynolds played CIA agent role in Hollywood movie Safe House and I liked the movie overall. But I don't think so that Ryan is fit for hardcore type of role. He better looks a sweet kind of guy.

Samuel Jackson's Personality

He is a black guy but a decent one. So I think film directors can't get him into a role like that. Not a negative, but it doesnt suit his personality either. Not all people care about those things but movie buffs like me do. Nothing is perfect but even we can try to do our best. At least it should look like that. Over all The Hitman's Bodyguard is a very nice movie and not only in States but people loved it all around the world.

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