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Sep 24, 2017

Despicable Me 3 Best Animated Movie of 2017

I have been sick for days and it hasn't been going so well for me. So bored I was last night then I decided to see it. I also loved first and second part but this one seemed so special to me or it was that moment. But for me Despicable Me 3 is best Hollywood animated movie of 2017.

Changes in Despicable Me 3

You know that we human beings do love changes if they are positive and in a good way. That's same about movies. So they made changes in the story. Here I'm gonna mention two very special and entertaining things which I loved in the story and these are new too. So here we go.

Dance Fight

  Gru faces a notorious villain in this part who loves dance fight and trust me that its so amazing to watch it. Gru used that trick well to beat the villain. There is no doubt in this thing even villain of the movie is so funny and entertaining. Despicable Me cast increases beauty of the film.


 Hes Gru's twin brother. Funny and entertaining like Gru. They showed Dru is very different from Gru but as they are twins so they hang out together and enjoy it a lot.He brought real family thing in the story. You can purchase Despicable Me 3 dvd on Amazon. Its amazing to see in the film that Dru has real family, a twin brother and a mother.

Hollywood animated movie Despicable Me 3

Gru's Character in Despicable Me Movies

The story is totally unacceptable without Gru and Gru is totally unacceptable without Steve Carl's voice which is so funny. Minions are necessary part of the film too. You know the movie is incomplete without them. They talk so funny and they sing funnier.The three girls Gru adopted from first parts, have become essential characters and also you cannot exclude them. In short words that movie is incomplete without Gru, Minions and three girls. I think we can accept if there's no Lucy Wild in Despicable Me 4 or Dru but not other mentioned ones.

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