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Sep 21, 2017

5 Best Horror Movies

I watch all genres of movies so its a long list too when I talk about horror movies.

1. Wrong Turn

 Thats one of my most favorite horror film I ever watched. First time I saw the movie more than eight or nine years ago when I had no computer just a cd player and a black & white tv. Would you believe that it was a great luxury for me that time because in village there was no way of digital entertainment. But still I find same interest about Wrong Turn. I've watched all parts of this scary movie and it is on top of list of horror films.

Horror film Jeepers Creepers

2. Jeepers Creepers

 I loved both Jeepers Creepers movies and now waiting for third one badly. Even I've not watched released trailer but I've been told that its awesome like previous ones so I'm quite excited. First time I watched that movie or you can say clip of Jeepers Creepers then we were at cousin's and it was day time but some scenes really scared me. You can easily include that to the scariest horror movies.

3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

You know Texas is my most favorite state lol Thats another reason to like that horror movie. Honestly I loved all parts of the movie. A very well story and there is no doubt in this thing that people loved The Texas Chainsaw Massacre so much.

4. Friday The 13th

 I don't need to tell that how popular that horror film had been and has been. Still people love to watch it. Even I read and enjoyed a few screenplays of Friday The 13th. A very scary and interesting story that gets viewers involved deeply. They made several sequels of the horror movie. I've read screenplays of few.

5. Halloween

People celebrate Halloween event very year so this is why I can't forget this movie which I loved so much. A serial killer again with less mind and more brutality. Thats beauty of that scary film. If you plan to enjoy your weekend with horror movies then I assure that above is a best list for you to choose.So it is list including scariest movies ever made in the world.

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