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Sep 25, 2017

4 Sad Movies

Personally I love happy endings because I believe that fiction is supposed to make us, not to make us cry. That's why I always prefer to watch a movie with good result. The result which could bring happiness and smile on my face. But we never know without watching or without telling by someone that what would be ending of a film until we watch it ourselves. So also I've watched many unexpected or negative endings and here's list of them by their rating by me. That means that which movie more affected me. Here is list of sad movies that make you cry.

Sweet November

Sweet November 

Most sad ending movie for me. The film which made me cry. I watched a song "Its not Goodbye" on YouTube and the video was taken from Sweet November. That's so emotional. Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron played their roles awesomely. That film is on top of all sad romantic movies.

Bridges of The Madison County

 Clint Eastwood and Meryil Streep did very nice job for what they are know for. Very emotional and heart touching story. A woman sacrifices her true love for her family and her kids.  A film which is filmed in countryside which worth watching. Story is simple but you totally gets into the story when you start watching. You don't quit until you finish the whole film.


You know that DiCaprio and Kate did fabulous job. Amazing romantic story but again a sad ending. James Cameroon wrote and directed an awesome but ending sucked. You can say few last moments of the movie ruined whole beauty of the story. None wants that ending I believe especially not me. Easy to find saddest movies on Netflix to see on weekends or in spare time.

A Walk to Remember

People walk to smile but this is A Walk to Remember and watch to cry movie. This list is not to recommend movies which you guys should watch but you can consider it as a warning to not choose mentioned films to save tears. Some geeks enjoy unexpected things to happen but not my business, not my cup of tea.

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