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Sep 28, 2017

Top 5 Drama Movies of Hollywood

There are many drama movies made in Hollywood film industry which I loved most so it is really hard to make a list and an order. I love all genres but drama is one of few which I don't like much. But still I've a long list to mention my favorite drama films because I'm a huge movie geek.

The Shawshank Redemption

 One of my most favorite Hollywood movie ever. I believe that it is a movie which you watch again and again but you never get bored. Morgan Freeman at his best. I was recommended to watch The Shawshank Redemption many times but always I avoided it as I didn't its trailer. But later I regretted that why I didn't watch this movie before.

Forrest Gump

 Tom Hanks is best for movies like that. He loves challenges so he did a superb job in this movie which is known as Forrest Gump. Whenever I searched the keywords "top Hollywood movies", I found this movie in the list but I took time to pick this one too.

The Green Mile

 Another amazing acting work done by Tom Hanks. I think it is really hard to keep viewers struck in front of the screen with a drama but surely he can do that. Fantasy genre a bit helped to increase beauty of the story but still we cannot avoid awesome acting done by all actors especially Tom Hanks.

American History X

 Brad Pitt and Edward Norton together to present such a nice Hollywood drama movie. That film is about a very sensitive topic of American society. They showed it in an awesome way that is easy to understand even for a common person.

The Terminal

  In my most favorite drama movies of Hollywood The Terminal is third one starring Tom Hanks. Again a very challenging role but he done it superbly. None could do that easily. A very nice, simple but heart touch story that is.

Sep 27, 2017

Top 6 Romantic Comedy Movies of Hollywood

It can be easy to make people cry but its never easy to make people laugh. I think that giving happiness and smile to others is toughest job to do. Comedy films help us to feel joy. They do help a lot. Here I’m gonna mention few of top comedy movies of the movie.


Will Smith and that funny fat guy acted very well in that film. Story is very nice. Bollywood made a remake of Hitch which is named Partner starring Salman Khan and Govinda. In that film you see romance and comedy together. That is not easy thing to produce. Full credit goes to writers, director and actors who done their work awesomely.

She’s The Man 

Amazing and a bit different type of romantic comedy that is. Channing Tatum played male leading role in  film. Amanda played double role awesomely. She looks a cute guy. That is a movie like which you can watch again and again without getting bored. 

Monster in Law

 Jennifer Lopez played role of a daughter in law. Thats an amazing film which is full of comedy and romance. Her mother in law becomes monster in law for her. But later she realizes that after all she is a daughter in law herself. There is no concept of mother in law in west that way but it is a common thing in sub continent especially in India and Pakistan but things are changing now.

The Proposal

 That's real Ryan Reynolds. I don't think so he fits in a role like DeadPool or Hitman's Bodyguard. But he better looked Sandra Bullock's innocent and dashing guy. A very nice love story. They don't have any idea that someday they gonna fall for each other. I believe Ryan Reynolds is made for romantic comedies and this is why he is in Hollywood film industry.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

 So here it is another romantic comedy movie of Hollywood. Ryan Gosling, a dashing Canadian for romance and we've Steve Carl for comedy. Comedy and romance together. Thats Crazy, Stupid, Love. Steve's voice is so amazing. If I could change my voice, I would have love to have his accent I'm sure.

As Good As It Gets

 If you really wanna laugh with nice and decent comedy mixed with mature romance then who can better than Jack Nicholson. You know hes very talented. A very nice romantic story that is. Awesome example of a romantic comedy.

Sep 25, 2017

4 Sad Movies

Personally I love happy endings because I believe that fiction is supposed to make us, not to make us cry. That's why I always prefer to watch a movie with good result. The result which could bring happiness and smile on my face. But we never know without watching or without telling by someone that what would be ending of a film until we watch it ourselves. So also I've watched many unexpected or negative endings and here's list of them by their rating by me. That means that which movie more affected me. Here is list of sad movies that make you cry.

Sweet November

Sweet November 

Most sad ending movie for me. The film which made me cry. I watched a song "Its not Goodbye" on YouTube and the video was taken from Sweet November. That's so emotional. Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron played their roles awesomely. That film is on top of all sad romantic movies.

Bridges of The Madison County

 Clint Eastwood and Meryil Streep did very nice job for what they are know for. Very emotional and heart touching story. A woman sacrifices her true love for her family and her kids.  A film which is filmed in countryside which worth watching. Story is simple but you totally gets into the story when you start watching. You don't quit until you finish the whole film.


You know that DiCaprio and Kate did fabulous job. Amazing romantic story but again a sad ending. James Cameroon wrote and directed an awesome but ending sucked. You can say few last moments of the movie ruined whole beauty of the story. None wants that ending I believe especially not me. Easy to find saddest movies on Netflix to see on weekends or in spare time.

A Walk to Remember

People walk to smile but this is A Walk to Remember and watch to cry movie. This list is not to recommend movies which you guys should watch but you can consider it as a warning to not choose mentioned films to save tears. Some geeks enjoy unexpected things to happen but not my business, not my cup of tea.

Sep 24, 2017

Despicable Me 3 Best Animated Movie of 2017

I have been sick for days and it hasn't been going so well for me. So bored I was last night then I decided to see it. I also loved first and second part but this one seemed so special to me or it was that moment. But for me Despicable Me 3 is best Hollywood animated movie of 2017.

Changes in Despicable Me 3

You know that we human beings do love changes if they are positive and in a good way. That's same about movies. So they made changes in the story. Here I'm gonna mention two very special and entertaining things which I loved in the story and these are new too. So here we go.

Dance Fight

  Gru faces a notorious villain in this part who loves dance fight and trust me that its so amazing to watch it. Gru used that trick well to beat the villain. There is no doubt in this thing even villain of the movie is so funny and entertaining. Despicable Me cast increases beauty of the film.


 Hes Gru's twin brother. Funny and entertaining like Gru. They showed Dru is very different from Gru but as they are twins so they hang out together and enjoy it a lot.He brought real family thing in the story. You can purchase Despicable Me 3 dvd on Amazon. Its amazing to see in the film that Dru has real family, a twin brother and a mother.

Hollywood animated movie Despicable Me 3

Gru's Character in Despicable Me Movies

The story is totally unacceptable without Gru and Gru is totally unacceptable without Steve Carl's voice which is so funny. Minions are necessary part of the film too. You know the movie is incomplete without them. They talk so funny and they sing funnier.The three girls Gru adopted from first parts, have become essential characters and also you cannot exclude them. In short words that movie is incomplete without Gru, Minions and three girls. I think we can accept if there's no Lucy Wild in Despicable Me 4 or Dru but not other mentioned ones.

Sep 21, 2017

The Hitman's Bodyguard

I always avoid to watch that movie because I thought it would be funny and honestly comedy with action doesnt make a sense to me. Except I loved Bad Boys and Rush Hour etc. But mostly I dislike that combination. But its a fact that I liked The Hitman's Bodyguard even I've disliked Ryan Reynolds and Samuel Jackson in their roles. Honestly they dont suit to them. Thats same about Ryan Reynolds in action thriller DeadPool. Still I would say that I liked DeadPool but I think someone else could do better with that character

Hollywood action movie The Hitman's Bodyguard

He is a The Proposal guy. Have you watched that movie with Sandra Bullock. Hes an a guy with innocent looks so those kind of roles dont suit him I think.Samuel Jackson is a decent of actor and I think using him for that kind of role isnt fair with him. That damages his sober reputation and image. Even he played a bit negative role in Kong: Skull Island movie but still not that bad. I don't know it could be casting fault or what or other people noticed it or not but I did so this is why I mentioned it here. Good movies are like good food and its same about bad ones. As bad food ruins your health and money, same like this a bad movie wastes your time and money.Ryan Reynolds played CIA agent role in Hollywood movie Safe House and I liked the movie overall. But I don't think so that Ryan is fit for hardcore type of role. He better looks a sweet kind of guy.

Samuel Jackson's Personality

He is a black guy but a decent one. So I think film directors can't get him into a role like that. Not a negative, but it doesnt suit his personality either. Not all people care about those things but movie buffs like me do. Nothing is perfect but even we can try to do our best. At least it should look like that. Over all The Hitman's Bodyguard is a very nice movie and not only in States but people loved it all around the world.

5 Best Horror Movies

I watch all genres of movies so its a long list too when I talk about horror movies.

1. Wrong Turn

 Thats one of my most favorite horror film I ever watched. First time I saw the movie more than eight or nine years ago when I had no computer just a cd player and a black & white tv. Would you believe that it was a great luxury for me that time because in village there was no way of digital entertainment. But still I find same interest about Wrong Turn. I've watched all parts of this scary movie and it is on top of list of horror films.

Horror film Jeepers Creepers

2. Jeepers Creepers

 I loved both Jeepers Creepers movies and now waiting for third one badly. Even I've not watched released trailer but I've been told that its awesome like previous ones so I'm quite excited. First time I watched that movie or you can say clip of Jeepers Creepers then we were at cousin's and it was day time but some scenes really scared me. You can easily include that to the scariest horror movies.

3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

You know Texas is my most favorite state lol Thats another reason to like that horror movie. Honestly I loved all parts of the movie. A very well story and there is no doubt in this thing that people loved The Texas Chainsaw Massacre so much.

4. Friday The 13th

 I don't need to tell that how popular that horror film had been and has been. Still people love to watch it. Even I read and enjoyed a few screenplays of Friday The 13th. A very scary and interesting story that gets viewers involved deeply. They made several sequels of the horror movie. I've read screenplays of few.

5. Halloween

People celebrate Halloween event very year so this is why I can't forget this movie which I loved so much. A serial killer again with less mind and more brutality. Thats beauty of that scary film. If you plan to enjoy your weekend with horror movies then I assure that above is a best list for you to choose.So it is list including scariest movies ever made in the world.

Sep 20, 2017

Tom Hanks in The Terminal

I'm not talking that Tom Hanks got stuck in a terminal but I want to talk about his movie The Terminal. I suggested about that film by my interviewer. He asked to write about any topic and I wrote about my most recent movie I watched and liked. That was The Green Mile starring Tom Hanks. Then that man suggested me to watch that movie too. Very nice recommendation, worth watching.

The Terminal True Story or Not?

I downloaded that movie very soon but it took long to watch it. I loved that film. I think everyone should watch to learn things about life. We all get situations and The Terminal tells that how to deal with them. I always say that for me movies are a way to escape from bitter realities of life. Victor and Amelia give a romantic touch to that drama movie and here you meet another complicated woman. Sorry women.,no offense.

That kind of movies are so inspirational and motivational. Personally I feel that about that kind of films. Professionally made and with a good story. You know that entertainment is in human nature so we have different types of interests including movies and music.Both have great impact on my soul when I feel down. That's same about other people. Also credit goes to The Terminal cast who done their work very well. Drama isn't my genre except its made professionally with great piece of story.

Tom Hank as Viktor Navorski

He played his role awesomely like he did in other movies such as Green Mile, Cast Away, Forrest Gump etc. After seeing The Terminal you start thinking and searching that where is Krakozhia. They are few of my most favorite Hollywood movies I ever seen. I believe none could handle the role or character as much as Hanks could. If you've seen Bollywood famous and popular star Amir Khan then you would agree with me that Hanks and Khan look same in many ways. Not physically but the way they work in their film industries that is also same. Both give super hit and blockbuster movies. They love to play different roles.In conclusion of the review, I would love to add that not only me but you guys too, would want The Terminal 2 on big screen. Huge appreciation and admiration for the drama.