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Aug 30, 2017

Tom Cruise Height and His Taller Wives

Its an amazing fact all famous and ex partners of Tom Cruise are taller than him. Once I read that taller women are more romantic than shorter ones so I think Tom believes in that statement so this is why he always went for taller ones. He is 5'7" (five feet seven inches). Not a tall guy he is. But still attractive and handsome enough to disturb any woman's heartbeat.

Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers
 You guys know that Mimi is not her real name. Her full name is    Miriam Rogers. But maybe she revised her name to Mimi because it suits Hollywood film industry. As everybody knows that Tom is 5 feet seven inches tall. But it would be news for you guys that Mimi is 5 feet 9 inches tall. So she is two inches taller than him. Both are in film industry. That thing helped them to get closer. Unfortunately their relationship couldn't last long. 

Some news websites tell that his religion Scientology became a reason which broke their relationship. Miriam or Mimi was not happy with his different kind of religion. Not only her but Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes also could not bear his Scientology religion.

  Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman Height

She is almost 6 feet, it is 5'11" actually. Ideal height for a model. They both had a passionate and deep relationship as Nicole told that they used to discuss about their days at nights before sleeping. That seems so romantic but unfortunately even it didn't work for them and they broke up.They worked in few movies together. According to online news website DailyMail, Nicole begged Tom to not leave her. She wanted a long and endless relationship.
Far and Away is one of those.They play role of an Irish couple. I think movie viewers had not admired the film that much because they earned less than their budget. I don't know that how film director managed almost 6 feet tall heroin with five feet seven inches tall hero.Some viewers liked scenery and filming location.

How Tall is Katie Holmes

 She is two inches taller than Tom. My personal point of view is that Tom was much interested in getting settled down with Katie as they share a beautiful daughter Suri Cruise too. That kid must be proud of her parents. Both are super stars.According to Daily Mail Online Katie Holmes was afraid to become Nicole Kidman regarding Tom's religion. Six years are long enough for a Hollywood couple to live together. But unfortunately Tom Cruise couldn't keep this relationship too. That is his most recent recognized break up.Another reason about their relationship ending is that Tom tried to impose unrealistic and weird marriage rules on Katie. That thing bothered her too. First I watched her in thriller movie Phone Booth.

Women's Choice About Men's Height

There is no doubt in this thing that women prefer taller men especially around six feet. That’s same about men that they find taller women more attractive but a woman’s ideal height is around five feet six inches. But Tom Cruise is lucky to be handsome enough that he doesn’t need to be tall or look tall. I think most of famous and popular Hollywood actors are not tall. Majority of them is less than six feet. Mostly they are around five feet nine inches. King of emotions Sean Penn, action star Sylvester Stallone also known as Rambo, martial artist actor Jean Claude Van Damme, Jason Statham etc are not that tall. But still they are highly liked and loved by movie lovers.Talent and skills don't need appearance help by height or looks I think. Most of viewers and critics also think that. Tom Cruise just 5 feet and seven inches tall but women don't care about. His killer looks are plus point for him to attract women.Tom Cruise height is hidden behind his dashing personality and fabulous smile. With all those natural and God gifted qualities also he has great acting talent otherwise beauty isn't only thing you need to live in film industry especially Hollywood is very competent place to survive. I'm sure you guys would agree with my point about Tom Cruise height and his exes. If you ask women that whether they prefer height or not. They tell different things. Some prefer men's height but if a man is dashing and handsome then height is not an important factor for them.

Views About Women's Height

Not only I read in a book but also it has been my personal observation and experience that I found taller women more romantic and passionate when its about relationship and love.You can Google that how many shortest actors are happily married or in relationship with other taller celebrities.

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