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Aug 30, 2017

The Mummy and Tom Cruise

Another movie part of The Mummy got released in 2017. But in this movie we have expert of Mission Impossible; Tom Cruise. He's getting aged but still handsome and attractive. It is a fact that The Mummy series got much appreciation and love from audience and we can expect something better from new part. Even I've not watched 2017 film yet but soon I will. Maybe that one not gonna be part of my most favorite or top ten Hollywood movies but at least it will not waste my time and money. There is no doubt in this thing that Tom Cruise given some really nice action movies to Hollywood film industry. He is fit for all roles and characters I think. He looked great in romantic film Jerry Maguire and also action thriller Mission Impossible is incomplete without him. People love suspense and thrill. The Mummy is full of adventure and excitement which viewers do want to feel while they watch a movie.I think stunning Tom should say good bye to Hollywood film industry decently and he shouldn't work in movies like that.

Hollywood movie The Mummy starring Tom Cruise
He is a chocolate hero in Hollywood film industry I believe. Tom worked in all genres such as action, romance, comedy, sci fi etc. But his work has been highly admired and appreciated when he worked in action thriller movies. Mission Impossible is one of the top action thriller films on his credit. They made four sequels of the movie and still to come. People have been waiting desperately even I do. Who won't if one is real movie geek you can not skip professionally made films. Tom Cruise was perfect for romantic films even still he is but I don't know why film directors haven't selected him for roles like that. Jerry Maguire is super hit romantic comedy you know. Unfortunately Tom Cruise is still considered for movie like that which has action, adventure and thrill. Insulting to his great talent and dashing personality. Still charming and sober he looks.Who can forget his blockbuster and all time super hit romantic movie Top Gun. Viewers can watch the film again and again. 

As I told that I have seen The Mummy trailer just so reviewing quality of the film won't be fair.

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