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Aug 30, 2017

Kung Fu Panda

Panda is a lovely animal and when you see it in animated form with many more qualities then it becomes more entertaining. All Kung Fu Panda movies are super awesome. Funny and determined Po is ideal film character for kids. There is no doubt in this thing that if you create list of top ten animated films then Kung Fu Panda must be included. If you wanna watch a movie this weekend and you're not sure to choose one then Po can be real fun for you. I am not sure that Po's character made Jack Black more famous and popular or Jack made Po's character more entertaining and funny. How they can miss Jackie Chan even if it is an animated comedy and action too. Jackie works well with both genres you guys know this very well. Seth Rogen and Fantastic Beasts guy Dan Fogler's voices are also part of Kung Fu Panda cast. That is awesome. Hollywood Tigress Angelina Jolie played role of tigress in the film.
Kung Fu Panda movie

 Location, China

You know that Panda is found in China so this is why location they showed in Kung Fu Panda is China. A very nice full of nature place they showed. I barely like animated films but this one touched my heart. I’m sure that in developed societies not only kids but aged ones also loved the animated movie. Nice jokes and funny words said by those animated characters seem so amusing and help a lot to smile or laugh. I believe kids can learn a lot from that type of animated films. Entertainment and moral education together without bothering or bullying. Very simple and easy way to teach our next generations I think.Mostly we do not want to listen that kind of talks but while watching a film or reading story won't make us feel heavy or tortured.

Funny Po similar to My Cat Sagha

The movie is more special for me because I think Po looks like Sangha who is my cat. You can say that it has become one of my most favorite animated Hollywood movie because of that reason. Comedy, emotions and action etc all in that one movie. Po's father who adopted him is very funny character in the film I think. That's like another animated film Up if you remember. I can name a few animated films which I loved most such as Tangled, Up, Frozen, Despicable Me but Kung Fu Panda series would be on top of the list.Thats a movie I will wait for another sequel badly. Beauty of a film that you wait for another part. You get attached to the story and start believing in a fantasy world which doesn't exist actually.

Kung Fu Panda As Compare to Other Animated Movies

Several super hit animated films I watched and liked such as Up, How to Train Your Dragon, Tangled, Despicable Me etc. It is easy way to rate a film as best one if you remember its story and characters for long time even for years. That is a like a software installed in your mind which runs to make you feel better when you feel down because something nasty or unwanted happened in your life. Smiling is precious form of expressing your emotions and feelings.Even now Kung Fu Panda games are getting so popular among kids and teens.

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