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Oct 4, 2017

Baywatch-Dwayne Johnson and Priyanka Chopra

A nice movie I think. Great story. Dwayne Johnson also known as Rock seems a very nice and devoted lifeguard. Zac Efron is a handsome guy who acts well too. Baywatch is an entertainment as well as a message to be professional and sincere to your society. I love movies with some public message. They help to prmote moral values in the society. A positive thing that is. Priyanka Chopra is a Bollywood actress who played her negative role awesomely. Even that doesn't suit her. Now many Bollywood stars are working in Hollywood film industry.

Beach As Filming Location

Women can get jealous a bit because of model bodies they showed in the film. The entire movie is made on the beach so this is why it’s named Baywatch. That is funny and entertaining.Action thriller movie fans should watch Baywatch without wasting any time. I'm hesitant to say that its a great inspiration story which I watched in months. I believe that watching a film helps a lot when you feel down especially when its a movie like Baywatch. Professional screenwriter and film director worked awesomely to make it awesome that movie lovers could enjoy it more and more.

Comedy, romance and action. Thats all you can have in Baywatch. Rock is there to handle action and thrill in the film. Who can deal with romance better than handsome Zac Efron. Nudity can tease some movie geeks and none can see Baywatch with family I think. Otherwise a very nice movie according to my personal point of view.  I just read a negative review about the movie. That is not fair I think. Still reviewers should show some respect for work they done nicely. Story, direction and acting etc all good. Yeah, not best but all is well.

Baywatch Trailer and Reviews

Some movies get vast audience just because of their well made and nice presented trailer. That's what you can about discussed one. Viewers more liked the trailer than actual film. But I don't follow that debate. Positive remarks by me. Just one review for Baywatch movie on IMDb profile. Really? But there are almost 300 external reviews so I should explore them to get better knowledge about what I might missed. 


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