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Aug 31, 2017

5 Best Hollywood Action Movies

Here is a short list of top Hollywood action movies but I’m sure that you won’t dislike  films listed below. In childhood I was huge fan of action thrillers and stories which were full of suspense and adventure.

Shooter movie starring Mark Wahlberg
My most favorite and all time loved action thriller. Mark Wahlberg looks real marine. I think He looks better marine than John Cena. You know that Shooter is based on best seller novel Point of Impact. But I believe that the movie is more awesome than the novel. Therefore I added it on top of action movies list.

Different locations shown in different scenes. Especially beautiful locations of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. That is so amazing. People found them more interesting. Shooter released in 2007, ten years ago but still worth watching. Also credit goes to film director Antonie Auqua who has directed not only this one but movies like Training day and Equalizer are on his credit too.

The Transporter

Jason Statham played role of transporter very well. He looked natural. His acting and expressions were superb. Not only me but majority admired and appreciated his work and movie as well. I watched transporter movies several times and never got bored. First movie’s filming location is Monaco, France. Second movie is made in States and third one is made in Budapest, Hungary. All beautiful locations to shoot a movie like that.

The Transporter was released in 2002 but still movie geeks can watch and feel same taste what they felt then. So fascinating to see an ex-soldier to run car so fast and beat bad boys. None can play Frank Martin's character as Jason Statham played. He done awesome and looked perfect for the role.

Fast and Furious 

All Fast and Furious movies are fabulous action thriller.Vin Diesel is necessary part of the story. You watch those films again and again but you don’t get tired or bored. You know most of people love fast cars. That’s what you see in the movie. A dream world for car racers.

A long journey movie team has. Fast and Furious lovers lost Paul Walker but they got WWE entertainer Dwayne Johnson and martial artist actor Jason Statham. They both  increased beauty of the film and made it more interesting. Tremendous acting skills shown by all super stars. Incredible and nail biting action scenes become a reason to boost thrill and excitement.


            Lots of gun fight but still Hitman is a superb action Hollywood movie. Hitman’s Bodyguard is a new movie released in 2017. No doubt Samuel Jackson and Ryan Reynolds acted well and people loved this movie so much but still they can’t beat Hitman film. Agent 47 name seems so catchy and suits the film story. Timothy Olyphant played the character very well and almost everyone liked him as agent 47.

            No other big Hollywood celebrities worked in the movie but still it got huge appreciation and admiration all around the world. Thats what action film lovers love to see. Thrill, action and excitement.

            The Expendables

            Action movie lovers can not miss that film. Sylvester Stallone with many other action heroes. All super stars together rock. If you love to watch action thriller films then you should not miss this one. Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other action stars worked in The Expendables.

            Movie buffs looking forward to another thrilling story and they desperately want to see them in fight scenes again. Many popular Hollywood actors together such as Jet Li, Steve Austin, Dolphg Lundgren etc make it full of entertainment. Hard to expect that director could get success by experimenting to get in one movie that many mega stars but this thing worked great.I hope you guys like this list of Hollywood action films.


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