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Aug 31, 2017

5 Best Hollywood Action Movies

Here is a short list of top Hollywood action movies but I’m sure that you won’t dislike  films listed below. In childhood I was huge fan of action thrillers and stories which were full of suspense and adventure.

Shooter movie starring Mark Wahlberg
My most favorite and all time loved action thriller. Mark Wahlberg looks real marine. I think He looks better marine than John Cena. You know that Shooter is based on best seller novel Point of Impact. But I believe that the movie is more awesome than the novel. Therefore I added it on top of action movies list.

Different locations shown in different scenes. Especially beautiful locations of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. That is so amazing. People found them more interesting. Shooter released in 2007, ten years ago but still worth watching. Also credit goes to film director Antonie Auqua who has directed not only this one but movies like Training day and Equalizer are on his credit too.

The Transporter

Jason Statham played role of transporter very well. He looked natural. His acting and expressions were superb. Not only me but majority admired and appreciated his work and movie as well. I watched transporter movies several times and never got bored. First movie’s filming location is Monaco, France. Second movie is made in States and third one is made in Budapest, Hungary. All beautiful locations to shoot a movie like that.

The Transporter was released in 2002 but still movie geeks can watch and feel same taste what they felt then. So fascinating to see an ex-soldier to run car so fast and beat bad boys. None can play Frank Martin's character as Jason Statham played. He done awesome and looked perfect for the role.

Fast and Furious 

All Fast and Furious movies are fabulous action thriller.Vin Diesel is necessary part of the story. You watch those films again and again but you don’t get tired or bored. You know most of people love fast cars. That’s what you see in the movie. A dream world for car racers.

A long journey movie team has. Fast and Furious lovers lost Paul Walker but they got WWE entertainer Dwayne Johnson and martial artist actor Jason Statham. They both  increased beauty of the film and made it more interesting. Tremendous acting skills shown by all super stars. Incredible and nail biting action scenes become a reason to boost thrill and excitement.


            Lots of gun fight but still Hitman is a superb action Hollywood movie. Hitman’s Bodyguard is a new movie released in 2017. No doubt Samuel Jackson and Ryan Reynolds acted well and people loved this movie so much but still they can’t beat Hitman film. Agent 47 name seems so catchy and suits the film story. Timothy Olyphant played the character very well and almost everyone liked him as agent 47.

            No other big Hollywood celebrities worked in the movie but still it got huge appreciation and admiration all around the world. Thats what action film lovers love to see. Thrill, action and excitement.

            The Expendables

            Action movie lovers can not miss that film. Sylvester Stallone with many other action heroes. All super stars together rock. If you love to watch action thriller films then you should not miss this one. Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other action stars worked in The Expendables.

            Movie buffs looking forward to another thrilling story and they desperately want to see them in fight scenes again. Many popular Hollywood actors together such as Jet Li, Steve Austin, Dolphg Lundgren etc make it full of entertainment. Hard to expect that director could get success by experimenting to get in one movie that many mega stars but this thing worked great.I hope you guys like this list of Hollywood action films.

            Aug 30, 2017

            Tom Cruise Height and His Taller Wives

            Its an amazing fact all famous and ex partners of Tom Cruise are taller than him. Once I read that taller women are more romantic than shorter ones so I think Tom believes in that statement so this is why he always went for taller ones. He is 5'7" (five feet seven inches). Not a tall guy he is. But still attractive and handsome enough to disturb any woman's heartbeat.

            Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers
             You guys know that Mimi is not her real name. Her full name is    Miriam Rogers. But maybe she revised her name to Mimi because it suits Hollywood film industry. As everybody knows that Tom is 5 feet seven inches tall. But it would be news for you guys that Mimi is 5 feet 9 inches tall. So she is two inches taller than him. Both are in film industry. That thing helped them to get closer. Unfortunately their relationship couldn't last long. 

            Some news websites tell that his religion Scientology became a reason which broke their relationship. Miriam or Mimi was not happy with his different kind of religion. Not only her but Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes also could not bear his Scientology religion.

              Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman Height

            She is almost 6 feet, it is 5'11" actually. Ideal height for a model. They both had a passionate and deep relationship as Nicole told that they used to discuss about their days at nights before sleeping. That seems so romantic but unfortunately even it didn't work for them and they broke up.They worked in few movies together. According to online news website DailyMail, Nicole begged Tom to not leave her. She wanted a long and endless relationship.
            Far and Away is one of those.They play role of an Irish couple. I think movie viewers had not admired the film that much because they earned less than their budget. I don't know that how film director managed almost 6 feet tall heroin with five feet seven inches tall hero.Some viewers liked scenery and filming location.

            How Tall is Katie Holmes

             She is two inches taller than Tom. My personal point of view is that Tom was much interested in getting settled down with Katie as they share a beautiful daughter Suri Cruise too. That kid must be proud of her parents. Both are super stars.According to Daily Mail Online Katie Holmes was afraid to become Nicole Kidman regarding Tom's religion. Six years are long enough for a Hollywood couple to live together. But unfortunately Tom Cruise couldn't keep this relationship too. That is his most recent recognized break up.Another reason about their relationship ending is that Tom tried to impose unrealistic and weird marriage rules on Katie. That thing bothered her too. First I watched her in thriller movie Phone Booth.

            Women's Choice About Men's Height

            There is no doubt in this thing that women prefer taller men especially around six feet. That’s same about men that they find taller women more attractive but a woman’s ideal height is around five feet six inches. But Tom Cruise is lucky to be handsome enough that he doesn’t need to be tall or look tall. I think most of famous and popular Hollywood actors are not tall. Majority of them is less than six feet. Mostly they are around five feet nine inches. King of emotions Sean Penn, action star Sylvester Stallone also known as Rambo, martial artist actor Jean Claude Van Damme, Jason Statham etc are not that tall. But still they are highly liked and loved by movie lovers.Talent and skills don't need appearance help by height or looks I think. Most of viewers and critics also think that. Tom Cruise just 5 feet and seven inches tall but women don't care about. His killer looks are plus point for him to attract women.Tom Cruise height is hidden behind his dashing personality and fabulous smile. With all those natural and God gifted qualities also he has great acting talent otherwise beauty isn't only thing you need to live in film industry especially Hollywood is very competent place to survive. I'm sure you guys would agree with my point about Tom Cruise height and his exes. If you ask women that whether they prefer height or not. They tell different things. Some prefer men's height but if a man is dashing and handsome then height is not an important factor for them.

            Views About Women's Height

            Not only I read in a book but also it has been my personal observation and experience that I found taller women more romantic and passionate when its about relationship and love.You can Google that how many shortest actors are happily married or in relationship with other taller celebrities.

            The Mummy and Tom Cruise

            Another movie part of The Mummy got released in 2017. But in this movie we have expert of Mission Impossible; Tom Cruise. He's getting aged but still handsome and attractive. It is a fact that The Mummy series got much appreciation and love from audience and we can expect something better from new part. Even I've not watched 2017 film yet but soon I will. Maybe that one not gonna be part of my most favorite or top ten Hollywood movies but at least it will not waste my time and money. There is no doubt in this thing that Tom Cruise given some really nice action movies to Hollywood film industry. He is fit for all roles and characters I think. He looked great in romantic film Jerry Maguire and also action thriller Mission Impossible is incomplete without him. People love suspense and thrill. The Mummy is full of adventure and excitement which viewers do want to feel while they watch a movie.I think stunning Tom should say good bye to Hollywood film industry decently and he shouldn't work in movies like that.

            Hollywood movie The Mummy starring Tom Cruise
            He is a chocolate hero in Hollywood film industry I believe. Tom worked in all genres such as action, romance, comedy, sci fi etc. But his work has been highly admired and appreciated when he worked in action thriller movies. Mission Impossible is one of the top action thriller films on his credit. They made four sequels of the movie and still to come. People have been waiting desperately even I do. Who won't if one is real movie geek you can not skip professionally made films. Tom Cruise was perfect for romantic films even still he is but I don't know why film directors haven't selected him for roles like that. Jerry Maguire is super hit romantic comedy you know. Unfortunately Tom Cruise is still considered for movie like that which has action, adventure and thrill. Insulting to his great talent and dashing personality. Still charming and sober he looks.Who can forget his blockbuster and all time super hit romantic movie Top Gun. Viewers can watch the film again and again. 

            As I told that I have seen The Mummy trailer just so reviewing quality of the film won't be fair.

            Kung Fu Panda

            Panda is a lovely animal and when you see it in animated form with many more qualities then it becomes more entertaining. All Kung Fu Panda movies are super awesome. Funny and determined Po is ideal film character for kids. There is no doubt in this thing that if you create list of top ten animated films then Kung Fu Panda must be included. If you wanna watch a movie this weekend and you're not sure to choose one then Po can be real fun for you. I am not sure that Po's character made Jack Black more famous and popular or Jack made Po's character more entertaining and funny. How they can miss Jackie Chan even if it is an animated comedy and action too. Jackie works well with both genres you guys know this very well. Seth Rogen and Fantastic Beasts guy Dan Fogler's voices are also part of Kung Fu Panda cast. That is awesome. Hollywood Tigress Angelina Jolie played role of tigress in the film.
            Kung Fu Panda movie

             Location, China

            You know that Panda is found in China so this is why location they showed in Kung Fu Panda is China. A very nice full of nature place they showed. I barely like animated films but this one touched my heart. I’m sure that in developed societies not only kids but aged ones also loved the animated movie. Nice jokes and funny words said by those animated characters seem so amusing and help a lot to smile or laugh. I believe kids can learn a lot from that type of animated films. Entertainment and moral education together without bothering or bullying. Very simple and easy way to teach our next generations I think.Mostly we do not want to listen that kind of talks but while watching a film or reading story won't make us feel heavy or tortured.

            Funny Po similar to My Cat Sagha

            The movie is more special for me because I think Po looks like Sangha who is my cat. You can say that it has become one of my most favorite animated Hollywood movie because of that reason. Comedy, emotions and action etc all in that one movie. Po's father who adopted him is very funny character in the film I think. That's like another animated film Up if you remember. I can name a few animated films which I loved most such as Tangled, Up, Frozen, Despicable Me but Kung Fu Panda series would be on top of the list.Thats a movie I will wait for another sequel badly. Beauty of a film that you wait for another part. You get attached to the story and start believing in a fantasy world which doesn't exist actually.

            Kung Fu Panda As Compare to Other Animated Movies

            Several super hit animated films I watched and liked such as Up, How to Train Your Dragon, Tangled, Despicable Me etc. It is easy way to rate a film as best one if you remember its story and characters for long time even for years. That is a like a software installed in your mind which runs to make you feel better when you feel down because something nasty or unwanted happened in your life. Smiling is precious form of expressing your emotions and feelings.Even now Kung Fu Panda games are getting so popular among kids and teens.